Ajibade Oluwabiyi, from Nigeria, is IE International MBA 2009 alumnus.

I started out from the University of Lagos with a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering but I always knew Entrepreneurship would be my final abode. I started my first venture in my 4th year at the University with my friend, where we provided Wireless Internet and Video on Demand solutions to estates and Hotels. This first venture failed in the business sense and this marked the beginning of a steep learning curve that would serve as invaluable lessons later in my entrepreneurial life. After my National Youth Service year, I took up a job with an IT firm and later went into the Oil and Gas Industry with one of the majors spending about 4 years with them. 

 Having spent all my life in Information Technology and realizing that I had a lot missing in me when it comes to business, I decided to apply for an MBA which eventually served as a 360 degree shift for me away from what I was used to. I applied and coupled with months of preparing for the GMAT and muliple essays and an interview, I got admitted to IE Business School where the next 13 months re-shaped my mind and helped re-organized my thinking. 

 Seating in a classroom, treating cases and meeting minds that were fully business oriented opened a new can of worms for me and the experience was exhilarating. IE Business School gave me not just an MBA but help build a network that I am still enjoying till today and will most likely enjoy forever. Meeting people from well over 60 countries from different backgrounds, orientations and view of life meant I became a much more exposed person and was a rich source of learning that I still enjoy till today. 

 After the 13 months coupled with my previous experiences and failures, I came to the conclusion that I was ready to take the plunge and went ahead and started my current Business – A metal recycling and Commodity Trading company. I am still running it and enjoying every bit of it!



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