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Xmas market season in Germany

Escrito el 20 diciembre 2013 por Alumni en Geographic

This month our IE gatherings in the different Alumni chapters in Germany were all taking place at our lovely Christmas markets: In Munich we met at “Sendlinger Tor”, in Hamburg at “Fleetinsel” and in Berlin at “Lucia market in Kultbrauerei”. Each of the markets has its unique atmosphere, but one thing is common: Gluehwein and delicious traditional sausages, pickle rolls and gingerbreads. We gathered in each of different cities with quite a few alumni to have a little tour at the Christmas market & chat, drink a warm “Gluehwein” and have a snack together. We felt so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet each other again, to salute the upcoming Christmas, and most importantly to share our current stories and experiences.
Let’s expect there’ll be more and more alumni to join our next get-togethers in Munich Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne!

Munich Navidad


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
IE Germany, Austria and Switzerland Office



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El pasado 18 de octubre los miembros del Club de San Sebastián IE disfrutaron de una conferencia de Nerea Urola, miembro de la IE Club y asesoramiento profesional. Durante la reunión, Nerea explicó los pilares de su último libro gestión y sensibilidad’. Explicó sobre su opinión del verdadero significado de managering, el mito del liderazgo y las habilidades necesarias para ser un buen director. ¿Qué dificultades una cabeza en 2013 para la gestión de personas? La gestión es como combinación de “Técnica” y “emoción. Hay no hay buenos equipos sin buena cabeza. El mito del liderazgo el parte emocional buen jefe es ante todo que un buen gestor es un especialista en habilidades y actitud de las personas.

The past October 18 the members of the Club of San Sebastian IE enjoyed a conference of  Nerea Urola, member of the  IE Club  and professional consulting.
During the  meeting, Nerea explained the pillars of his last book Management and sensitivity’. She explaned about her opinión of  the true meaning of managering, the myth of leadership and skills necessary to be a good director. What difficulties does a head in 2013 for managing people? Managing is as combination of “Technique” and “emoción. There are no good teams without good heads. The myth of leadership the emotional part good boss is first and foremost a good manager is a specialist in persons attitude and skills.

ie 2



The IE Alumni Club in Lebanon in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Beirut and  the Department of Economics at the American University of Beirut hosted the panel discussion LEBANON & SPAIN: Two Countries, One Vision Out of the Economic Crisis on December 9.

The panel discussion, that focused on Spain and Lebanon’s relations, started by opening keynote by Miss Sabine Yazbeck the Director of Business Development for the MENA Region at IE Business School and Mr Wael Kechli the president of IE Lebanon Club, followed by a visionary talk by Ambassador Milagros Hernando Ambassador of Spain in Lebanon.

Lebanon and Spain are two nations distinctly revered for their unique culture and beauty. Yet, they are in the midst of an economic crisis. Spain is suffering the implication of the European crisis and the global economic downturn while Lebanon is entering its 10th month without a government and is constantly affected by the spillovers of the civil unrest in neighboring Syria.

Four guest panelists discussed the relationship between Lebanon and Spain in order to see where the challenges lie, and bilateral trade and investment opportunities can be boosted between the two.

The event featured the following speakers:

  • H.E. Raya El Hassan: Former Finance Minister in Lebanon, Program specialist for the Economic Governance and Pro-Poor portolio,2005, United Nations Development Program (Lebanon Country Office). We are very proud of counting with her opinions in the panel also because she was the first woman to be elected Minister in the country.
  • Dr. Gonzalo Garland: Spanish Expert in the fields of Economic Environment and Business in Emerging markets. Professor and Vice-president for Development at IE.
  • Mr. Mohamed Choukair: President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Lebanon (FCCIAL) and President of ASCAME (Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry).
  • Ms. Leila Sawaya El Khoury: UNDP Project Manager, President of the Council at Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL).

The panel was moderated by Youmna Naufal, Head of the English News Desk at Future News Television.

We would like to thank the representatives of the IE Alumni Club in Lebanon for their effort in organizing this event.

You can watch some parts of the panel below:

Imagen de previsualización de YouTube


Check the pictures of the event here:


Also, Future News Television invited Professor Gonzalo Garland, to participate in an interview live on the following day. You can watch the interview here, starting at 4:40







El 29 de octubre, el Centro IE Bogotá y organizó en San José de Costa Rica,  la charla “Nuevas Tendencias en Marketing Digital”, dictada por Sergio Restrepo, Antiguo Alumno del International MBA del IE. La charla se centró en las nuevas teorías aplicadas al marketing digital para atraer y comprometer a los clientes con herramientas como el Gamification. Al evento que se realizó en el Hotel Marriott, asistieron 15 Antiguos Alumnos e interesados en los programas Master del IE. Luego del evento, los asistentes pudieron compartir un cocktail de networking.

Costa Rica Oct2013charla1

On the 29th of october, the IE Center in Bogotá organized in San José, Costa Rica, the conference “New Trends in Digital Marketing”, by Sergio Restrepo, Alumn of the International MBA at IE. The conference focused on the New theories applied to digital marketing strategies to attract and engage new clients, as Gamification. The event that took place at the Marriott Hotel, was attended by 15 alumns and potential candidates for the Master programs at IE.


Cena de IE Alumni en República Dominicana

Escrito el 5 noviembre 2013 por Alumni en Geographic

El 28 de octubre, con motivo de su visita a República Dominicana, Marcela Martínez, Directora Adjunta de Admisiones del Centro IE Bogotá, y Patricia Salgar, Directora del Centro IE Bogotá, se reunieron con el Alumni Club de República Dominicana, presidido por Mariel León. El punto de encuentro fue el restaurante Sonoma en Santo Domingo. Durante la cena, los asistentes tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer las últimas noticias del IE en la región y hablar sobre las futuras actividades del Club en el país.

Costa Rica Oct2013

On the 28th of October, during their visit to the Dominican Republic, Marcela Martínez, Associate Admissions Director of the IE Center Bogotá and, Patricia Salgar, Director of the IE Center Bogotá , met the IE Alumni Club in Dominican Republic, presided by Mariel León, at the Sonoma Restaurant in Santo Domingo. During dinner, the attendants learned about the latest news of IE in the region and planned about future activities of the club in the country.


El pasado 16 de octubre, el Centro IE en Bogotá realizo en el hotel JW Marriott, la charla “Justicia Ambiental” dictada por Javier de Cendra, Director del IE Law School. Al evento, fueron invitados candidatos potenciales a programas Master del IE y Antiguos Alumnos. Después de una amena discusión sobre las políticas ambientales y su implementación y conveniencia en el marco regulatorio del país, los más de 50 asistentes disfrutaron de un cocktail de networking.

Javierdecendra2 Javierdecendra1

On the 16th of October, the IE Center Bogotá organized the conference “Environmental Justice” conducted by Javier de Cendra, Director of the IE Law School. The event that took place at the JW Marriott was attended by potential candidates for IE Master Programs and Alumni. After an interesting discussion about the Environmental policies and their convenience and implementation within the regulatory frame in the country, the attendants enjoyed a cocktail party.


On October 31, 2013 the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC held a Panel Discussion of Doing Business Abroad. The forum was opened by Spanish Ambassador to the United States, Ramón Gil Casares.  His remarks noted the significance of the two speakers presence and that he was proud to have such distinguished speakers for the forum. Then, the Washington area Alumni President and CEO of EADS CASA, Josian Morales, opened with introductions of the speakers and the intent of the forum.

The first speaker was Manuel Sánchez Ortega, CEO of Abengoa. In October 2010, he became CEO of Abengoa, previously he was CEO of Telvent. Mr. Sánchez is a qualified industrial engineer from the ICAI School of Engineering in Madrid and has completed the Senior Management Program at IPADE Business School in Mexico.

Mr. Sanchez discussed the Abengoa business units, describing the geographical distribution of the their business, and his views on the company’s commitment to renewable energy. He then went into detail on several current projects using solar to generate electricity using concentrating mirrors. He also made clear that Abengoa’s business was spread across multiple geographic areas with less than 30% of the company’s business conducted in Spain.

After his presentation, a Q&A period was facilitated by Yanire Braña, President of the MET Community. The first question was in regards to shale gas. In response, Mr. Sanchez launched a second presentation that discussed the shale gas production, distribution of gas fields in the US and the challenges of maintaining current production. He expressed the view that shale gas is a temporary phenomenon and sustainable energy production is rapidly closing the cost difference.

The second speaker was Director of Global Indicators at the World Bank, Augusto López-Claros. Mr. López-Claros has been Director of Global Indicators and Analysis with the World Bank Group since 2011. Previously, he was Chief Economist and Director of the Global Competitiveness Program at the World Economic Forum.  Mr. López-Claros holds a diploma in Mathematical Statistics from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in Economics from Duke University.

Mr. López-Claros opened his presentation with an explanation of his work at the World Bank Group and the types of indicators that his group had developed. These indicators focused on the business climate of each country for each stage of a business lifecycle. Some of the indicators included the ease of starting a business, ease of obtaining relevant licenses to operate, to obtain electricity, to obtain financing, and other key data.

Indicators across multiple countries were reviewed and comparisons over time shown to demonstrate that improvements in the indicators were closely related to improvements in the economic activity occurring in the country in question. Mr. López-Claros also showed that the countries in the lowest quartile were converging with the rest of the world along all indicators. He described this as very positive development.
After his presentation, a Q&A period was again facilitated by Yanire Braña. A question regarding the indicators for Spain started a spirited conversation of where Spain was superior and areas where the country could improve. Overall, everyone agreed that the Spain was a great place to do business but could always improve in specific areas.

After the the Q&A was closed, the group concluded the Forum by thanking the speakers with much applause and moved to the lobby for a social hour.


Club IE Toledo Puri Paniagua Octubre 2013

Bajo el título ¿Quién maneja mi barco en esta tormenta? tuvo lugar el día 3 de Octubre en el Palacio de Benacazón de Toledo una interesante conferencia a cargo de Puri Paniagua, socio de Pedersen & Partners, empresa internacional de executive search. La conferenciante planteó reflexiones y consejos de interés para la planificación de la carrera profesional y abordó la cuestión, siempre preocupante, de las transiciones profesionales, sean estas voluntarias o forzadas. Concluyó con un repaso a las actuales oportunidades de mercado tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Los miembros del Club tuvieron ocasión de compartir con la ponente sus inquietudes y dudas sobre el mejor desarrollo de una carrera profesional, trasladando la ponente a los asistentes unos serie de consejos muy prácticos e interesantes.

Pedersen & Partners es una empresa con posición en 47 países. Puri Paniagua ha desarrollado Selección de Directivos los últimos 4 años y tiene una experiencia previa de más de 20 años en Accenture, 8 de ellos de Socia, en Consultoría de Negocio y Tecnológica. Es Licenciada en Ciencias Químicas y tiene un ABMP de Kellogg (Northwestern University – USA).

El Club de Antiguos Alumnos de Toledo, que inició su andadura hace ya cuatro años, ha seguido creciendo año tras año en actividades y en número de antiguos alumnos participantes en sus actividades, superando actualmente los cincuenta miembros.


IE is taking an important and decisive step to further consolidate its presence in North America: opening a new IE Center in Miami. The center, which will be under the responsibility of Guillermo Montes, current IE South US, Puerto Rico and Caribbean Region Managing Director, will work to further deepen the IE brand awareness within the region as well as strengthened the ties with corporations in the area. “It has been an interesting journey to build this strategy over the past years”, says Guillermo, who now runs all the operations from an office space at Blue Lagoon area. “When I arrived here in 2006, there were only four IE alumni and now we are over 200. And with the new strategy for this region, the future looks even more promising”.

According to Alessandro Bartolini, Senior Vice President for Sabadell United Bank and an IE Alumni, Florida and its booming financial sector has become the “Switzerland for Latin American investors”. “There are several opportunities in this market and more recently the city has attracted a new wave of investments from Brazilians, Venezuelans, Argentinean, and Colombians”.

The vibrant economy has also been calling the attention of several IE recent graduates, who are considered a great “fit” for the local companies, always searching for high-talented professionals with global mindset and a Latino flavor. To be fluent in Spanish and English is a must for the companies based in the area, since the positions frequently require doing business with Latin American companies.  “IE played an important role into my decision to move to this market” says Evangelos Koves, Global MBA alumn from Greece who moved to Florida over 2 years ago and now works as a Customer Support Manager for Titan Concrete.

The opening of the center is scheduled for the next October 29th, at the JW Marriot, in Brickel, Miami. Approximately 70 attendees are expected to take part in the launching ceremony that will be chaired by IE´s International Development Director, William Davila.




Photo Caption: Guillermo Montes, Alessandro Bartolini and Deise Leobet.


Alumni Bar of the Month in Dubai

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On the 10th of October 25+ alumni gathered at a beach bar in Dubai. Most of them were based in Dubai but some were just spending a few days there. Given it has been a very welcomed initiative (we love evening time here!), alumni are planning to meet on a monthly basis.

If team building was the goal the gathering was a true success, no doubt. And some of them met for the first time!

BOTM Dubai 10Oct2013

El 10 de octubre, más de 25 antiguos alumnos se reunieron en un bar de playa de Dubái. La mayoría de ellos viven en Dubái, aunque algunos otros pasaban unos días y aprovecharon para unirse al grupo. Tomando en cuenta de que la iniciativa ha sido bienvenida por los antiguos alumnos, se está pensando en hacer este tipo de evento mensualmente.

Si el objetivo de esta actividad era construir una relación más sólida, podríamos decir que ha sido un éxito. Algunos de los antiguos alumnos que asistieron se pudieron conocer por primera vez.