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The OrIEntal Night (La Noche Oriental)

OrIEntalNight.jpg [1]
Students sampled a variety of Arabic traditional dishes, enjoyed watching performance of a belly dancer, and some experienced the sheesha pipe smoking!
Thursday 17 Nov. 2005
IE students from IMBA 2005, 2006 and other programs have enjoyed a night of the «one thousand & one nights» here in Madrid. A totally students-initiated event has taken place last week to celebrate the diversity of students.
A team of students calling themselves «The Flying Carpet Group» have organized this Arabic/MiddleEastern night, where students enjoyed a fascinating bellydancing show, Arabic cousine & dishes, and sheesha/hookah smoke (some for the first time). There was a specially-booked hall & show for IE students.
The event was a great opportunity for all students to meet their peers, have a fun time and a break from assignments & work. At the end, this is what most people remember from school times!
The Flying Carpet Group members are: Faisal Al-Kadi (IMBA06), Pinar Kavukcuoglu (IMBA05), Hanan Saeed, Shefali Jhangiani (IMBA06), Lynn Tabbara (IMBA05), and Reema Batal (IMBA05).