2005 Copa IE de Fútbol

Escrito el 7 febrero 2006 por Alumni en Affinity

Sunday, November 27, 2005 marked the «the first of many» IE soccer tournaments. IMBA2005 hosted two guest teams: the promising IMBA (Newbies) 2006 and the seasoned IE Veterans. Prior to the tournament there was much talk about whether IMBA2005 had recovered from its last two international tournaments as well as whether the IE Veterans still had it in them, having dominated past tournaments (MBA Olympics in Paris, Spring Fling in Barcelona and the «big cup» in a the USA). The stadium at Canal Isabel II was filled almost to capacity and dedicated fans endured temperatures reaching 3ºC.

Some of the players of the IMBA2005 team also played with the IE Football team at the MBAT of 2005
The cup began with the IMBA Newbies challenging the IE Veterans. The IMBA Newbies came out strong, very strong, and quickly showed the «old men» that they meant business. Until the middle of the match, the kids were able to keep the score respectable, only down 2-1. Pretty good considering it was the first time they were playing together. As the IE Veterans put in a third goal, the rhythm of the match quickly turned to their favor and they easily found the net again, bringing the final score to 4-1.
Next, and with only a very short rest, the Newbies found themselves facing IMBA2005. A much more even match, both teams showed lots of intensity as they battled to the very end. The final score: IMBA2005 2 – IMBA Newbies 1.
Lastly, the IE Veterans returned to take on the host team. Both teams began strong; IMBA2005 continuing with their momentum from the previous match and the IE Veterans relieved from a nice little rest. Juan Gali had an incredible opportunity exhibiting awesome precision (he found the goal’s frame wonderfully), but almost just wasn’t quite enough in this game. The IE Veterans had the chance to put the game away, but Alberto’s penalty shot hit the goal post. It has been rumored that Alberto just wanted to show Gali that he could hit the frame just as well. The IE Veterans were, however, able to finish on another scoring chance and walked away with a 1-0 victory and with the copa IE.
IMBA 2005 would like to thank all those who participated in the tournament and send a special thank you to the fans!


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