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What is the IE Entrepreneurs Club?

The mission of the IE entrepreneurs Club is to continuously provide its members with access to knowledge and experiences from professors, alumni, students and other professionals. The added value from the club will contribute to successfully create and develop businesses by stimulating the exchange of ideas and networking among its members.
The main objective of the entrepreneurship club is to foster the creation and development of new businesses by IE students and alumni. In order to meet this objective the club organizes activities and events that include:
– Promotion and organization of the Ā«Speakers’ SeriesĀ» in which successful entrepreneurs share their business experiences and knowledge with IE students.
– Organization of Investor Panels to supply IE students who aspire to become entrepreneurs with advice on writing business plans that attract financing resources. Organization of lunches between local entrepreneurs and club members that are looking for the exchange of points of view and networking.
– Establishment and development of links between entrepreneurship clubs of top Business schools to promote networking and exchange of ideas.
– Bringing awareness and promotion of social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility.
– Creation and development of the IE entrepreneurship club’s website [1], a source of information and meeting point on the web for IE Entrepreneurs and club members.
– Development of permanent relationships between members and IE alumni, the school, other Entrepreneurs and Investors through membership
– Cooperation with the Entrepreneurship Department to help IE in the organization of IE’s Venture Lab (the school’s incubator for business start-ups developed by IE students and alumni).
– Support IE with the organization of the IE Entrepreneurs Day, bringing entrepreneurs, investors and advisors together by featuring conferences, discussion panels and fostering networking.