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Mr. Richard Vaughan at the first Speakers´ Series of the Entrepreneurs Club

On Wednesday, March 22 Richard Vaughan, founder and owner of Vaughan Systems and Vaughan Radio, visited IE invited by The IE Entrepreneurs Club, and opened the first event organised by the Club under the title»Speakers´ Series».
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Vaughan Systems is the largest in-company language-training firm in Spain. Currently, it has 119 teachers that provide 12,000 hours per month of language training to people interested in learning English. Vaughan Systems has a presence in some of the most important cities of Spain including its famous English-speaking village.
Richard gave the students some insights on how to become a successful entrepreneur. He shared that since his company began in 1977, they have sustained a rock-hard faith in the one single tenet that has made the company a leader: «The success of a language-training program depends solely on the human and technical caliber of the trainer. All the rest is pure adornment
Mr. Vaughan’s key lessons are:
– Be humble yet energetic.
– Feel passionate and compromised
– Listen to the people that are around you, be open to ideas
– Respect and appreciate your people
– Master communication skills, they are crucial in leadership
– Always motivate your employees
– To any ideas that come your away, tell yourself «Why not?» and do it.
«Got to do things -Pisando Fuerte
As a great English instructor and as a communicator, Mr. Vaughan also emphasized that for public speaking, you have to know your subject, believe in what you are saying, have the urgent need to share what you know, and transmit it with passion.
He succesfully captivated the audience and fostered its participation, so all attendants to the event enjoyed his speech and lessons.
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To learn more about Mr. Vaughan and his business, tune into Vaughan Radio at 101.0 FM or visit:http://www.vaughancamp.com, http://www.vausys.com or http:// www.vaughantienda.com
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