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IE basketball team at Spring Fling in Barcelona

The performance of our basketball team during the annual Spring Fling in Barcelona was quite impressive.
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We managed to reach Semi-Finals, where we played against IESE. Now we really are looking forward to take revenge at the MBA Tournament in Paris, on May 25th to 28th.
Our team is very balanced and we have really good chances to make something memorable in France by winning the tournament!
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These are our players:
Jessica Aceves Ramírez MBA06
Marie Gómez IMBA06
Sevtap Bas IMBA06 (Club coordinator)
Shefali Jhangiani IMBA06
Alberto Volio IMBA06
Carlos Binder MBA06
Carlos García de Sola MBA06
Christian Krämer IMBA06 (Club coordinator)
Denis Francis IMBA06
Jaime Marzal Erenas MBA06
José Luis Ochoa Santos MBA06
Luis Sáenz Medrano MBA06
Manuel Jiménez Zafra MBA06
Miguel Ángel Torres Armida MBA06
Pavel Antonio Rivas Goris MBA06
Rafael García Moreno MBA06
Rene Capistrán Partner
Roberto Toledo Fernández MBA06 (Club coordinator)
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