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The Bar of the Week (BOTW)

Every Thursday, students and alumni from IE experience Madrid famous nightlife! This weekly event has rapidly become an institution known as the “Bar of the Week” (or BOTW). Students from all Programmes join to explore the vibrant and varied possibilities that Madrid offers while enjoying a different setting to socialize, have fun and dance.
BOTW is a fascinating, exciting, and relaxing platform to bring together the large, diverse and multicultural community of IE fellow students and alumni, partners and friends.
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Thursday, June 29th
Guilligan’s es un bar irlandés. Ven a disfrutar de todas las fotos del MBA-T, todas las fotos serán proyectadas en pantalla gigante.
Guilligan’s Irish Tavern
Aviación Española, 3 (semi-esquina Islas Filipinas)
(zona Guzmán el bueno)
Metro: Islas Filipinas
Con tu tarjeta de IE, copas a 5 Euros.
Después la fiesta, todos iremos a Shabay (Calle Miguel Ángel, 3 – no hemos conseguido ningún tipo de descuento) hasta el amanecer.
Cheers, BOTW
The Instituto de Empresa 2006 Bar of the Week Host Committee (left to right):
David Mora, Mark Walker, Denis Francis and Paul Crabtree (Jose Llosa not pictured).

The BOTW Host Committee is always looking for great locations for future BOTWs. Please send your suggestions to BOTW@ie.edu
Some pictures of past editions of BOTW…
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