Reinforcing the continuous successes and high-profile business events at Instituto de Empresa, The Consulting Club of IE organized and hosted the third edition of the Consulting Day on the 5th of June. At the full-day event, students and alumni had the opportunity to meet top executives from first-ties consulting firms such as Bain & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, Mercer Management Consulting, Monitor Group, and Valoris.
Over 100 participants from IE joined the panel discussion and the subsequent workshops held by participating firms.

Dean Iñiguez and the members of the Consulting Club welcoming the speakers before the panel discussion
Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of Instituto de Empresa, opened the event and welcomed the distinguished speakers: Ricardo Damborenea, Senior Partner at Bain & Company, David Suárez, Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, Alejandro Gaffner, Director of Mercer Management Consulting and Bernhard Scholten, Partner at Monitor Group. Professor David Allen, Director of the IE Strategy Department, introduced and moderated the panel discussion.
Ricardo Damborenea, David Suárez, David Allen, Alejandro Gaffner and Bernhard Scholten (from left to right) during the panel discussion
This year’s theme at the discussion panel was «Managing Growth: Strategies for SMEs and Corporate Ventures«, which is one of the hottest topics in the industry nowadays – for both entrepreneurs and multinational companies. The discussion included both models drawn from professional consulting best-practices and real-life cases.
The theme encouraged an active debate between the students and speakers, which was indeed insightful and stimulating.
The workshops session started after a 30 minutes coffee-break that was kindly sponsored by the invited firms, and where students had the opportunity to discuss the lectures on the workshops as well as network with the invited guests.
Luis Ferreira (IMBA 05) and José Manuel Carames, of Mercer Management Consulting, conducted the workshop «How to Launch a Start-up in Telecom Industry«.
Enrique Fernández-Campa, Partner at Valoris, lead with Andrés Fontao (IMBA 02), Manager at the same company, the workshop entitled «Key Strategic Decisions for a New Mobile Operator in Spain«.
The third workshop was handled by Bernhard Scholten, of Monitor Group, and students were called to discuss issues of «Organic Growth«.
This event was organized by Andrea Ghizzoni, Faisal Al-Kadi, David Millán Planelles, Deepanjan Mukherjee, Andre Naef, Daniel Hanna and Luis Felipe Muñoz Vildoso, all IMBA and MBA 2006 students, with the support and help of the Careers Management Centre. The event was sponsored by participating consulting firms.
Growth is a valuable outcome that follows the implementation of an effective, relative, and unique strategy, and all speakers gave precious insights on how the consulting industry can offer companies to manage this process effectively and efficiently. Today’s clients are becoming more sophisticated and are demanding a real transfer of skills and know-how, instead of the classical one-off engagement. Strategy consulting firms are responding to this need by offering a more sophisticated and integrated solutions. Different strategies in this regard were illustrated by the speakers. And while short term results are always important, the focus is becoming more focused on the long term relationship aimed to provide clients’ shareholders outstanding returns on their investments. Some of topics discussed were: diversification, business process analysis, competitive advantages, organic and buy-out growth strategies, and many others.
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