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Lesbian Gay Bisexual Network

1st Meeting of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Network September 29th
One of IE’s hallmarks is diversity and sense of community. We are pleased to announce the creation of the IE Lesbian Gay Bisexual Network (Club name to be decided). The aims of the group are to:
Enable networking in school, business and the community.
Provide a social forum for members and the school at large.
Build on IE’s strengths of diversity and acceptance.
Be part of a wider community through its association with five other major European Business Schools.
The group would like to encompass all communities within IE, including students, partners, alumni and faculty.
We hope that our members will benefit from social and professional networking and recruitment initiatives in several countries.
A kick-off meeting will take place at 12 noon on September 29th in C-201 (Maria de Molina building) and everybody (students, partners, alumni, faculty and staff) is welcome. The agenda for the meeting will be:
º To define club’s objectives.
º Looking for a suitable name for the club.
Please send an email to FamilIE (familie@ie.edu) if you would like to attend or if you would like to be involved in future events.