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Learning about diversity with a bit of humour

The other day we held a Cross-cultural Workshop with the new students from the Master in Marketing Management. If you click HERE [1] you will learn about some of their personal experiences…
Have a look at the hard work they went through 😉

IMG_3248.jpg [2]
Abhishek, Camila, María Eugenia, Oxana, Juliana and Taciana.
IMG_3249.jpg [3]
Elisa, Miguel, Alejandro, María Gabriela, Enrique and Stephanie.
IMG_3247.jpg [4]
Mathieu, Lotta, Ana, Banafsheh, Borja and Rosángela.
IMG_3250.jpg [5]
Guy Oliver, Alberto, Delphine, María de Francia, Tamara and Juliana.