Escrito el 23 octubre 2006 por Alumni en Others

They say that people in IT and Finance are sometimes introverted, but this is a stereotype which does not apply to our students of the MFM and the MMTDB. The other day we held the Cross-cultural workshop and you should have seen them!. Who would have imagined that the first thing they did at IE was play cards!
We discussed how dangerous it is to use stereotypes, and also talked about miscommunications sometimes due to lack of language proficiency … I have to tell you the story they told me about a guy from the United States who went to do business in Colombia, and as it is customary, was invited to have dinner and go dancing. Everything was great except for the fact that it was too hot on the dance floor. Suddenly everything froze when he said in his poor Spanish “Tengo que parar chicas. Uf, estoy muy caliente!” Can you guess why?
Even native Spanish speakers who speak the same language as a mother tongue often have misunderstandings. Just ask a Spaniard when they plan to arrive at a party that they have been told begins at nine!.
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