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Minutes from G & L Network meeting of 20 Oct

Here you may read or download the minutes from the Gay and Lesbian IE Network meeting from October 20, 2006.

Minutes for the October 20th meeting Download file [1]
Established Club Name
“Gay & Lesbian IE Network”. This name is going to be found on the web and although it does not include Bisexuals nor Transexuals they are included in the Mission.
El “Gay & Lesbian IE Network” quiere ser un punto de referencia para los Gays, Lesbianas, Bisexuales, Transexuales y amigos del IE. Pretende promover y difundir actitudes de respeto hacia estos colectivos y las mejores metodologías para integrar a estos grupos en el propio Instituto y en el entorno profesional en el que nuestros estudiantes y alumni desarrollan su trabajo.
The “Gay & Lesbian IE Network” wants to be a point of reference for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and friends of IE. This network wants to promote and spread respectful attitudes towards these groups as well as best practices to integrate them into IE and the professional environments in which our students and alumni work.
•To develop network among Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and IE friends.
•To develop contacts within this network with other similar networks at all leading Business Schools and within the Corporate World.
•To spread and promote the best practices that integrate these collectives at the school and in the professional environment.
•To promote career development for these groups in LGBT friendly workplaces.
•First Wednesday of every month we will have a gathering at a chosen bar: Next meeting will be at Areia (At Horaleza, 92). As the first Wednesday of November is a holiday and the second is the day before a holiday, we will meet On November 15th.
•Round Tables.
•Other activities, either face-to-face or online, such as meetings with companies or other leading Business Schools.
Other decisions made
•Written Communication will be mostly in English although everybody is invited to participate in English or Spanish.
•All communication with this club can be done through GLnetwork@ie.edu. These mails will be received by the co-ordinating alumni and/or students.