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Wednesday, the 4th of July, the Global Village took place at Instituto de Empresa. It was organized by IE Net Impact chapter but we would like to thank everyone who helped out in any manner. These people include the organizing committee, the country stand coordinators, those who prepared food or presentations, and all those who attended and helped support this cause.

intro2.jpg [1]intro.jpg [2]GV 28.jpg [3]suiza2.jpg [4]colomtipic.jpg [5]
Photos: © Otmar Winterleitner

The event raised around 2.000 euros which will be split between four NGOs: : Koinonia [6] (Kenya), Skip [7] (Perú), Un Techo para mi país [8] (Latinoamérica) and New Gate to Peace Foundation (Jerusalem) further to the election of each student.
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Yo creo en colombia.jpg [9]republica.jpg [10]

At about 3 in the afternoon, many people began the preparations, led by Stephane (IMBA07) who took charge of the logistics. At the door, the rest of the people were met by Guillermo (IMBA07), Lau (MBA07), Sole (MBA07), and Brent (IMBA07). More than 200 people attended! They were IMBAs, MBAs from September and February intakes, the Master in Telecom and Digital Business, Master in Finance and Marketing.

smoking shisha.jpg [11]Samba.jpg [12]
The Arab table, well, capet and the Samba guys

Spain is different.jpg [13]Ecuador.jpg [14]francia2.jpg [15]
Spain is different, indeed, serving paella with a polo shirt… Ecuador and Vive la France!

Photos: © Otmar Winterleitner and SO

The regions and countries represented were: Arab Countries (Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon among others), Brazil, Central America (Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panamá), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Macedonia, México, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

germany.jpg [16]india.jpg [17]
Germans and Indians, BBQ + TATOOS

The Global Village had a dual purpose: to raise money for the NGOs and to celebrate the diversity of countries at IE. IE has a very international student body, so we should take advantage to learn about the cultures of others in all aspects.

Japan.jpgeast eur.jpg [18]
Japan and Eastern European Countries, here Macedonia, Slovenia and Bulgaria

The typical dress and dance, the food and drink, even manners of smoking were demonstrated. We saw how typical Indian tattoos are done using inks brought from this land, which will last several weeks! We tried tasty German sausages, arepas Colombianas, Spanish tortilla, Swiss raclette, Brasilian guarana, or Portuguese Port. It was an advantage to be able to smoke sisha over the luxurious Asian carpets surrounded by classmates.

Viva Mexico.jpg [19]the netherlands.jpg [20]No sdarobia.jpg [21]
¡Viva Mexico!, the Netherlands and Russia Na zdarovia!

Photos: © Otmar Winterleitner and SO

Under the hot sun, Cervezas Sol [22] were enjoyed very cold, one of the brands of beer that the Mexican community likes, and also everyone else too. At a certain moment of the afternoon, the time of the Brasilian Samba arrived, and everyone began to dance. The Partners Club was present too, as Karina’s presence showed. Otmar, as always, took very good photos.

peru.jpg [23]spain.jpg [24]
Peru, great Ceviche! and Spain: tortilla, croquetas and paella

When the sun went down and it was time to end the event, it was very difficult to accomplish since the unforgettable moment meant no one wanted to go home.

portugal.jpg [25]suiza.jpg [26]
Portugal with the Spanish Professor, and Didn´t you know? now Switzerland is between Peru and Ecuador!

Again, thanks for participating and making this one of the most interesting and diverse events at IE!

scotland.jpg [27]san fer.jpg [28]colombia.jpg [29]egypt table.jpg [30]
Photos: © Otmar Winterleitner and SO: We had almost everything!: Kilts, San Fermín, Great Yuca and perfectly sweet dates

smoking 2.jpg [31]abanico.jpg [32]usa.jpg [33]
Photos: © Otmar Winterleitner

mexico.jpg [34]USA BBQ.jpg [35]
We had great time! Thank you Sol!

Otmar always misses the photos.jpg [36]
Otmar, behind the camera you always miss the photo!