1 Million € of virtual money per team, 22 teams, competing in real time for 8 weeks, with access to invest in Global Stocks, Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives and just about everything else there is to invest in.
The Stocktrack stock market simulator competition is a mandatory game played by those students enrolled in the courses of Portfolio Management, taught by Professors Juan Pedro Gómez (in English) and Laura Nuñez (in Spanish). The game was also open to the IE Finance Club Members.
We had heard that cash is king. However, after listening to the strategies of the top 3, we found out that information is king! Gardenia Fresneda Da Silva (MBA 07), Ricardo Degollado (EXCHANGE STUDENT) and Miroslav Toshkin (IMBA 07) were the contenders presenting their teams’ strategies.
Ricardo’s team had made some money on investments in stocks and then lost it all when he moved his focus to commodities and invested in gold and oil. This together with his team’s investments in T-Bills put him on a pedestal in the Sharpe ratio rankings at a whopping ratio of 1.94. Ricardo and team kept a close watch on the news throughout the 8 weeks, meticulously checking the movements of their portfolio.
Gardenia, who belonged to the group brokered by Nicolás Tobón (MBA 07), was the top performer by absolute returns until week 7, after which Miroslav made some wise and high risk high return investments, putting him in first place for absolute returns. Gardenia mentioned that they too, like Ricardo, started with investments in stocks but moved to oil. There was no looking back after week 5, during which her team was close to 15% returns, leaving the closest contender at a mere 7%. Gardenia kept watching out for oil movements, $ exchange rates and the contemporary financial crises. She then diversified and gained brownie points for her team.


Miroslav, the «Black knight» of the competition, invested in ETFs, and since he had experience in agriculture, he kept track of the soya bean market and invested a good amount of his portfolio at the right time, coming out as the current winner at a 10.45% absolute return. – Bravo, Miroslav!
Comments by Finance Club members:
Samarth Sheth: Initially the # 1 was someone whose strategy was to be highly leveraged; come week 4 and this portfolio was at a -55%. The positions were risky and unhedged. Huge leverage landed them up at the bottom of the pyramid. Learning for me – «Greed is good» (Wall Street – the movie) however a hedged one is better!
Joaquín Ruiz: The Portfolio Management Competition is another success event of the Finance Club and coordinated/sponsored by Instituto de Empresa and his Chair of Finance Prof. Juan Pedro Gómez. Students have had the chance to discover the intricacies of investing in all types of financial securities and compete among each other in real time basis.
Congratulations to the top 3 teams, and especially to Miroslav´s team!


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