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Intellect and Passion

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Professor Puyol introduced Ms. Charmaine Eggberry, RIM’s VP and Managing Director for EMEA, with some demographic data. In 10 years time, the labour force landscape in Spain will be very different:
– More young employees
– More immigrants (qualified and non qualified)
– OIder workers working more years
More women…
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Despite her optimism, Ms. Eggberry put an alarming data on the table; 6 years ago 20% of people joining technological positions were women, nowadays only 7%! But there are things a responsible company can do: Blackberrywomentechnologyaward.com [5]
On the other hand, “to manage a company with a 20% growth every three months, globally” is not easy but a wise combination of intellect and passion along with focus, focus, focus can help… If you would like to discuss this Top Executive’s innovative ideas, go to the Diversity blog [6] where Paula Álvarez has published a post on January 23.