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BOTW@Friday, February 29th

Donde/Where? TIFFANY’S
¿Qué/What? BOTW
¿Quiénes/Who? Everyone is invited / todo el mundo.
¿Cuándo/When? FRIDAY, 29 February, 2008
¿Horario/Schedule? 12:00 – 06:00
¿Dirección/Address? AVENIDA DEL DOCTOR ARCE,10 [1]
Important to bring IE Student card for drinks. Dress smart. There will be a representative selling tickets for drinks for 6.50 Euros all night..

Here we present another great and new club for this Friday! Tiffany’s (Avenida del Doctor Arce, 10) is an innovative and exclusive place with an avant-garde decoration boasting one of the most important collection of minerals in Europe. We know the mineral fact won’t assure the fun (and doesn’t excite you at all), so what about lowering the price of the drinks to 6.5 euros to the IE students?
Remember as always to dress smart and bring your IE student card!
Oh, and the club is really close to IE, so you have no excuse not to come! Nos vemos esta noche!