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IE congratulates a New Generation of Business Leaders on their Graduation Ceremony
More than 200 IE students from four “MBA and General Management” programs have been awarded their masters title and are ready to succeed in today’s global business world.

Madrid, Spain (December 21st, 2007) – With a large number of students, alumni and visitors on hand, the IE hosted its traditional Graduation Ceremony featuring relevant representatives from industry leading companies such as Vocento (Belarmino García, CEO) and the Vega Group (Luis Carlos Infante Sánchez, Managing Director and Global Head of Human Resources).
It was 11.00 am; the room which had been reserved for the event was completely crowded; all the attendants were dressed in smart business clothes and in the front rows were sitting those of IE’s students whose skills and high level of commitment had led them to succeed in graduating from their masters program.
IE’s Dean – Santiago Íñiguez – started off by congratulating all the students for their valuable performance during the last months. He recognized their effort and hard work and underscored that it was now the right time to put into practice the knowledge and personal skills they had developed over the last academic period. He also emphasized the important contribution of the graduates’ friends, families and other people who had provided the necessary support to make it happen.
The event counted with the presence of selected personalities from Instituto de Empresa who are now playing an important role as the leaders of Top Industry companies. In particular, Luis Carlos Infante (Executive MBA 1987-1988) and Belarmino García (President of IE Alumni Association), delighted us with some of their experiences and work insights from their professional careers. Highlights of their presentations included personal stories rooted in their entrepreneurial experience in different industry sectors.
Afterwards the presentation of diplomas to each of the graduates, by Margje Geurts (Managing Director, International MBA), the new promotion of graduates 06/07 were welcomed by Belarmino García to the IE Alumni Association.
As part of the ceremony, those students and professors who had outperformed during the academic period received a special mention. Simon Berheide, Mathieu Frison, Amparo Marín de la Bárcena and Juan Antonio Pons, won the prize for the best student of each of their programs; Carl Kock won the prize of best professor of the executive programs and David Bach was awarded best professor of the post-graduate programs.
Finally, to conclude an event that had been full of enthusiasm and excitement, the auditorium stood up to listen to the Gaudeamus Ignitur which rounded off the Municipal Conference Center by an atmosphere filled up with feeling and strength.
Elated by the success of the session, the attendants were invited to a cocktail that was served in the foyer. Smiles, greetings, congratulations, joy … IE business School hat furnished another generation of tomorrow’s leaders ready to succeed in the global business world.
Amparo Marín de la Bárcena


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