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July 2008 BOTM 1.JPG

On 3 July 2008,
the third Alumni Bar of the Month was held at Serrano 41 in Madrid, which gave
us first drinks free with the IE identity card.

This time, the
BOTM united the alumni with the current students who are soon to graduate,
giving both a great platform to interact.

We hope to see
you in our future Alumni BOTMs in Madrid. It is a great opportunity for you to
meet other IE alumni and grow your network.

We invite you to
join our BOTM group on facebook:


For further
information about BOTM please visit www.botm.es
or send an email to: info@botm.es

July 2008 BOTM 2.JPG

El pasado 3 de julio
2008, tuvo lugar la tercera Alumni Bar of the Month en Serrano 41 de Madrid,
ofreciendo la primer bebida gratis presentando la tarjeta del IE.

Esta vez, el BOTM junto
antiguos alumnos con alumnos actuales a punto de graduarse, facilitando una plataforma
para relacionarse.

Esperamos ver a todos
asistiendo los Alumni BOTMs de Madrid en el futuro.  Es una gran
oportunidad para conocer otros antiguos alumnos del IE y desarrollar el

Os invitamos a unirse a
nuestro grupo de BOTM en facebook:


Para más información
sobre BOTM por favor consulta
 www.botm.es o manda un email a: info@botm.es


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[…]On 3 July 2008, the third Alumni Bar of the Month was held at Serrano 41 in Madrid, which gave us first drinks free with the IE identity card. This time,[…]…

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