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Case workshop, 23rd of September

Dear Students,


The Consulting Club would like to invite you to our Case workshop, Tuesday September 23rd from 6 to 8pm. – Please arrive a little bit early so we may start on time. This is a workshop to practice cases. If you are truly serious about a career in consulting, then it is highly advisable to attend.

If possible, prior to the meeting, please create a group of 3. 1 person will be the practitioner, 1 person will be the interviewer and 1 person an observer. (2 people will also work). Be prepared & understand the cracking case frameworks/methodologies. (If you do not know, ask a consulting-club registered member to provide you with the tools/files – we will distribute the files during the workshop but waiting will put you at a disadvantage)


Ø  2 cases will be distributed with a time limit of 30-45 minutes.

Our goal is to have a case workshop every week but we strongly suggest that you also work independently as much as possible. We understand that there may be several schedule conflicts so we’ll try to arrange various dates to meet all the demand.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

The Consulting Club