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II Networking Workshop

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 In its first edition, more than 110 students from different masters and programs had the opportunity to learn more about how important is to develop networking and how to do it.

The event consisted of an academic session delivered by Gema Alonso -psychologist-, in

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which she shared with attendees networking best practices and good pieces of advice to become a «connector». Then followed a gathering with some drinks and pizza to put into practice what they had learned.  

If you missed that first edition, you have another

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chance for learning how to successfully and efficiently networking next Monday November 3rd. The session will take place at 11:30 a.m. in Aula Magna, María de Molina, 11.



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Grenwich Consulting 082.jpg [7]Do not miss it this time!  We will not reschedule this activity until next year.

Please register here [8]