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On the 19th of December, 2008, reconfirming our mission statement which is to promote business, cultural, social and any other activities related with Mexico within IE, we were proud to invite Javier Prieto de la Fuente as our first speaker of the program.

Javier Prieto, one of the most important leaders of our country from both a business & a political perspective, presented us with a unique view of today’s troubled economy. He talked about the threats the Mexican economy was facing and the opportunities we should pursue. From Chile to Spain, he covered several subjects such as leadership and motivation, focusing on how each and every one of us can make a difference whether in politics, business or as citizens to promote and ensure a better future.

Through his amazing photographs, he shared with us several of the experiences he has lived amongst some of the most influential Presidents, Primer Ministers and Religious figures of our world while promoting leadership. He inspired us to do our best while at the masters, in order to become key drivers of change when going back to our countries of origin.



We want to personally thank the people that attended the conference and look forward to promoting our next series of speakers.

Thank for your interest.



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