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The "Sustainable MBA Student" by Geoff Martin, February 26th

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The «Sustainable MBA Student»


is presented by Geoff Martin, currently a Personal Trainer in Madrid and formerly an MBA student and Strategy Consultant.  The presentation proposes time effective exercise routines, techniques for optimizing concentration in study routines, tools for dealing with stress, advice with regard to nutrition and tips on weight management. 

Examples are provided of the 15 minute workout (or «hotel» workout) that have been developed over the years for executive clients and guidance provided on how to incorporate fitness into a busy day.

The concepts of sustainability, long term planning and transformational change that are applied daily in the MBA classroom are projected back at the student.  The objective is to give students the tools and motivation to achieve more life balance during and after their IE experience and ultimately be more effective as a student or an executive.


Time: Thursday, 26th of February, at 18:30.

Place: S-101

Seats available: 64


Registration: click HERE [2] and enter your name, surname and email address to register.


Attendance: Once you register, the attendance is obligatory. Failure to comply will result in barring you from future club events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.