Gourmet Club: Wine tasting, April 1st

Escrito el 26 marzo 2009 por Alumni en Affinity

Dear Gourmets,


The first Gourmet Club 2009 wine tasting will take place on April 1st at 17h30, at S-105 during which we will discover Portuguese wine (thanks to Joana and Esty!).

This tasting will be drived by a professional wine taster, resident oenolgist of the Herdade do Gamito and will give us the opportunity to learn the wine tasting techniques and enjoy even more these wines:

Brands 1: Casa de Vila Verde

Type: White

Region: Vinhos Verdes, Sousa River valley

Located in the demarcated region of Vinhos Verdes, in the heart of the Sousa River valley, Casa de Vila Verde is one of the oldest houses in the region.

Always property of the same family, Pinto de Mesquita, Casa de Vila Verde construction date is unknown, though the 12th or 13th century has been suggested as a likely period due to the existence of a medieval tower. Casa de Vila Verde was already mentioned during the reign of King Manuel I (1469-1521).

Brands 2: «Herdade do Gamito» and «Terras do Crato»

Type: Red

Region: Alentejo


Herdade do Gamito is a country estate located in Northwestern Alentejo. It is situated about 3 kilometers from the legendary Monastery of Flor da Rosa, in the county of Crato, former headquarters of the ancient Knights of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Portugal. The wine project of Herdade do Gamito was born from the surprising results of a tiny half-hectare vineyard that inspired its owner to expand it into its present 24 hectares and investing in a project of quality, resulting in award winning wines.

The ticket price for this event is 10 EUR, and places are limited to 35.

You can buy tickets at Thursday 26 between 12h-13h30 from:

Joana Dias Costa at Pinar

Estevam Sa da Bandeira at Castellón de la Plana

Joseph Freiha at Serrano 99


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