The "Sustainable MBA Student"

Escrito el 9 marzo 2009 por Alumni en Humanities

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On February 26th, 2009, Geoffrey Phillip Martin, a Personal Trainer in Madrid and formerly an MBA student and Strategy Consultant, invited the IE community to presentation about the «Sustainable MBA Student».


«There were two key objectives of the presentation», Geoffrey comments: 

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«1. Educate people about the importance of prioritizing their health and fitness;

2. Give people the tools for actually finding time in their day and then using that time as effectively as possible to achieve their fitness goals.

With the above in mind, I educate concerning the health risks associated with poor physical health.  I then provide the knowledge concerning metrics for gauging your own health, effective exercise routines, techniques for optimizing concentration in study routines, tools for dealing with stress, advice with regard to nutrition and tips on weight management.

Examples are provided of balanced workouts and also the 15 minute workout (or «hotel» workout) that have been developed over the years for executive clients.

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The concepts of sustainability, long term planning and transformational change that are applied daily in the MBA classroom are projected back at the student.  Ultimately your aim is to be a good role model for your subordinates or family, evidencing that it is possible to be successful from a career viewpoint AND be a fit and healthy individual.»


The presentation was relevant not only for MBA students, but for all current or future professionals. Here you can find some comments of the participants:


«It was very informative and useful. I went to the gym twice since then (first exercise since I’ve been in Spain!)»


«Geoff’s session was extremely informative and simple. He was talking to all of us … not selling or consulting like a typical «Know All» consultant!»


«I thought it was a great presentation.  The lessons learned extend far beyond this year in the MBA program as we will all be very busy in our post-MBA lives.  Geoff showed how (relatively) easy it is to stay fit without spending hours in the gym.  Though I exercise regularly, I still learned some things in the presentation.»


«- The presentation is a unique one but has an immense relevancy to the MBA curriculum: how to deal with stress, eliminate or reduce pressure, improve physical performance to maximize the mental one.

– Geoff has been able to transmit the concepts in a very interactive (with physical exercises or examples in class), spontaneous, fresh and nice way. Enjoyable!!

– The arguments were presented with a professional cut and attention to specific body exercises, diet suggestions, tips and tricks to maximize the students’ benefit
– I loved it, it is key to highlight how much is important to have a balance between the job (or the MBA) and the free time/personal priorities we have.

– Geoff was seminal in inspiring us to have a balanced lifestyle even in the future when we, as managers, will have to set the example for our team.»


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