Friday, 6th of March 2009, marked a very important day for IE Japan Club as it held the very first event of this academic year.  

The event started with a meeting to introduce to participants the mission of the club, the executive committee members, as well as the planned initiatives for the year. This was followed by a brief overview of Japan and the characteristics of different regions. Members who signed up for the club also received a translation of their names in Japanese kanji characters.Japan2.JPG 

The highlight of the meeting was a short presentation held to introduce Japanese business etiquette with live demonstrations such as bowing and the Japanese way of exchanging business cards. As the «actors» (executive committee members) delivered the demonstrations in a somewhat entertaining and hilarious manner, the room roared with laughter at several points in time. At the end of the meeting, the crowd even responded with a standing ovation. 


General feedback from the participants about the session included comments that they have enjoyed the presentation and have learnt a great deal from it. A majority of the 60 participants liked the meeting and had indicated interest to attend future meetings.



The event ended with a Japanese dinner at DONZOKO Japanese restaurant. 36 people turned up for the dinner and had the chance to sample traditional Japanese bento (lunch box). Participants got to enjoy not only sushi but also other authentic PIC_0014.JPGJapanese food such as tempura and miso soup.  

Overall the event was a great success. The IE Japan Club would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has attended the meeting and dinner. The club will build on this success by organizing more events for participants to gain insight about Japan in the future.


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