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Japan Club Fund Raising Event, 19th of May

JapanClubposter-Fund Raising Final.JPG [1]

When?           May 19th (Tuesday)

Where?          Serrano 99

What time?    15:00 – 17:00


Have you ever seen your Japanese classmate eating DELICIOUS home-made lunchbox?

Today, we are proud to announce Japan Club’s Fund Raising Event, offering you home-made Japanese lunch for only 5€, which comes with an ice cold beer!!! Don’t miss this chance! There’s only 100 meals available. 


We will be selling the tickets in advance on Monday May 18th.

Please contact any of the following to purchase your meal ticket:


Kenshiro Mitsumatsu (kmitsumatsu.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [2]), Yasuyuki Mori (ymori.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [3]),

Nobi Nishiokada (nnishiokada.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [4]),

Keisei Miyata (kmiyata.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [5]),

Yukimi Harada (yharada.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [6]),

Yu Takasuna (ytakasuna.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [7]),

Yohei Shimizu (yshimizu.imba2009@alumno.ie.edu [8]),

Junko Kamitsuma (jkamitsuma.imba2010@alumno.ie.edu [9]),

Tsubasa Shiraishi (tshiraishi.imba2010@alumno.ie.edu [10]


5€ Lunch menu: 2 Rice balls, Fried Chickens, Green beans with sesame sauce, and 1 drink


*Funds raised will be used to serve Japanese food, beer, sake, and etc @ Japanese table in the Global Village event taking place on May 21st. Don’t miss this event as well!!!


Please see attached poster for sample photo of the lunch box.


So, what are you waiting for? Rush for your meal ticket!!!!!



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