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The Ambassador of Mexico in Spain visits IE

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The past 19th of May at 17:00hrs Mr. Jorge Zermeño Infante, Ambassador of Mexico in Spain, honored us with his presence at IE Business School following an invitation from Club IE Mexico.


Mr. Zermeño is a businessman from Coahuila that has had a brilliant career in politics with the PAN or Partido de Accion Nacional in Mexico. Mr. Zermeño, a lawyer from the Universidad Iberoamericana, was Municipal President of Torreon from 1997 to 1999 and ran for governor of Coahuila during the 2005 elections. He was also a Senator of the Republic from 1991 to 1994.  

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During the conference, Ambassador Zermeño opened up addressing recent situations and perspectives of the Mexican economy. In his presentation he focused on three main pillars: Economic results, Pending agreements & Perspectives of joint opportunities of international commerce with Spain. He praised Mexico´s low rate of inflation as well as the countries low risk level, further promoting foreign investment. He also discussed Mexico´s Financial status and Public Institutions; supported with