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Escrito el 27 julio 2009 por Alumni en Sectorial

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IE Consulting Club has recently completed the Crack the Case seminar, a two weeks course aimed to provide the practical tools necessary for students to succeed in the demanding selection process of a consulting firm.


During the last weeks, the seminar, lead by Filippo Prina Mello, has explored the best tools available to:


         Learn how to structure a case interview.

         Understand the best techniques to approach cases in an interview.

         Ensure that the end of the interview is even better than the rest of the interview.

         Have a safe environment to practice cases. 

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According to the exigent selection to come, the course reinforced the idea of continuous preparation as a major instrument to increase the chances of success.


IE Consulting Club plans to carry this event twice a year enabling both November and April intakes to develop further skills for the case interview. Additional help could be found in the IE Consulting Club web community.


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