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Panel Meet: Integrating the Developed and Developing economies, 23rd of September


 Ā«Panel Meet: Integrating the Developed and Developing economiesĀ»


Wednesday, 23rd September, at 5 pm in M-001, Maria de Molina 27




Ms. Sujata Mehta

Ambassador, Embassy of India, Spain

Mr. Raghavan Nair

CEO/Managing Director, Tata Consultancy Services, Spain

Mr. Sudhanshu Karandikar

Director, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Spain

Mr. Ferran Cannet

CFO, Grupoessa, Spain 

Mr. Jayant Khobragade

Consular (Head of Commercial Affairs) Embassy of India, Spain



 Limited seats: 60 

Scope of the panel meet:


Special Focus: India and Spain – Sectors, Establishing Ventures, Current Crisis


Get a 360 degree overview of businesses in India and Spain: 


– From a Spanish company doing business in India (Grupoessa),  An Indian Company doing business in Spain ( Tata Group), A consulting company providing in-depth consulting to such projects (Pricewaterhouse Coopers), Government’s role ( Embassy of India)


Critical areas and entry strategies that one should consider while planning to enter in these prospective markets be it cultural, infrastructural, financial, demographic, regulatory, legal or any other areas.

Key challenges and differences in the economic and business arena between developed and developing economies especially in Spain and India. 

Current strategies of these companies and how things are shaping up during the current crisis.