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On the 16th of September the first ecologIE workshop was held in IE business school looking for creating conscientiousness regarding CO2 emissions on campus.


With 20 attendants the discussion goes from the public sector to the private and from the individual to the systemic. It is very clear that the planet claims for a jump on morality and more information to take action is needed, but is also important to create paths to follow in order to make it easy. Climate change is happening and sooner rather than later governments, companies and most importantly individuals have to make the decision of doing something.
As IE business school, and as leaders among our professional and cultural diversity, we commit to make that decision starting right now. ecologIE is developing a one

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year plan aiming to push our community to take a stand & opportunity on environmental networking. All of us, IE Campus Community, can take the small big steps.

Individuals: entrepreneurial projects driven by students

System: students creating incentives, awareness through internal media & competitiveness in best practices

Campus businesses: partnership in environmental action within our business community


Faculty & staff: to leverage knowledge, connections & expertise on environmental implementation 


Organizations: connection to environmental regulations, innovation and world debates


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