On October 24th 2009 IE Net Impact and Kaos Pilots (www.kaospilots.dk) put Madrid on the map on the International Day of Climate Action. We joined 5000 other actions from 181 countries around the world in calling on world leaders to pass climate policies grounded in the latest science and strong enough to get us back to 350. 350 parts per million is the upper limit for carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. 


The action on the 24th was the culmination of a joint project that students from IE worked on with students from the Kaos Pilots school in Denmark. Students worked for 3 days on a cross learning project where we taught each other the highlights of business school and process design techniques. The output was the co-creation of our action for www.350.org and the discovery of actions that will produce organizations that generate Sustainable Value.


Check out for the photos from our joint project with Kaos Pilots and our action in Parque Del Retiro, Madrid on the 24th HERE.  


Check out www.350.org for the photos from around the world. Amazing!


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