Blu:Sens a global success story from Galicia

Escrito el 4 noviembre 2009 por Alumni en Functional Area

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On October 27 Miguel Silva, co-founder of Blu:Sens, presented to the Entrepreneurship Club providing us with some extremely useful advice as we look forward to develop our own businesses in the near or distant future.


Blu:sens is a successful Spanish consumer electronics company from Galicia which is currently selling its products in over 100 counties around the world and successfully competing against many household names by creating a quality brand, delivering excellent customer service and creating innovative products. Blu:sens is the subject of an IE business case on the company and its transition from Galicia to the global marketplace.


Miguel gave the IE Entrepreneurship Club some valuable advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur even in these uncertain times. For Miguel, passion in a team or an idea is a critical factor.


Miguel’s advice and key take-aways:

       Be passionate about what you are undertaking

       Face the possibility of failure without fear

       Close the holes in your value chain by outsourcing resources

       Manage your cashflow (and your banks) very tightly in this uncertain period

       When pitching to banks se passionate about your business, be professional, train for presentations, take your time, seek feedback and be persistent – this will give you a good chance of getting financing

       Adapt your business model to the local market when internationalizing 

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Miguel passionately made the case for entrepreneurs and their social responsibility – about the need to create jobs and not just to make money; the need to reinvest in the company in order to make it sustainable. For Miguel, as entrepreneurs we have a community responsibility and, above all, it is important to keep our values.


He captivated the audience with his passion for the business and for the entrepreneurial cause and all those attending enjoyed his discussion and advice.


For more information on Blu:sens go to www.blusens.com


If you would like to suggest speakers for the IE Entrepreneurship Club please contact Mario Del Duca (Club President) at mdelduca.imba2010@alumno.ie.edu


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