As many of you are well aware, Mother Nature and climate change was not cooperating with our fundraisers in December. Seems like whenever we plan an event it rains or snows…so, we figure that we can keep arranging and canceling events – or embrace them and rock out anyhow! With that in mind, bring your umbrellas when you…


Come out to the lawns on Serrano, 99, for some drinks after class this Friday! IE Net Impact is hosting this event to make a contribution to the victims of the Haiti earthquake and raise funds for supporting other socially-conscious events.


What we’re offering:

BEER, WINE, and MUSIC – right after class (15:00) on Friday, January 22!


Sounds too good to be true – what’s the catch?

Well..you just have to be a little socially responsible. Get your own reusable cup from home and get the unlimited drinks for just €5.


What if I don’t bring a cup?

Don’t worry, we won’t deny you booze – you will just need to pay €8 euros for your drinks instead of €5…and…you will need to buy the cup from us at a premium price!


Where does my money go?

50% of the entire event’s collections will be contributed to the cause of the Haiti earthquake victims. The remaining amount will be used to operate other club events.


Come rock it with IE Net Impact – rain or shine!


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