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The Lebanese club was established in January 2010 with the objective of enhancing the collaboration between IEs Lebanese and non Lebanese students. The club also aims to create more networking opportunities between current students and alumni. Being the representatives of Lebanon at IE, we aim to increase awareness of Lebanon, in respect to tourism, business and general knowledge of the country.  

To cement the presence of the club and inform the student body about our existence, we launched an open buffet dinner called «Lebanese Night.» The purpose of the opening event was to enlighten the student body of our culture, and invite them to visit Lebanon for an evening, through our music, food and hospitality. The event was a huge success, with tickets being sold out in the first two days. The word of mouth generated was phenomenal, allowing us to launch our second event, «Beirut Chillout Night».



Equally successful, Beirut Chillout Nigh involved the traditional Arab Shisha as well backgammon games being played. This was again a small visit for students to a traditional and cultural part of Lebanon.


The guests present at the events were from different nationalities, people from all over the globe meeting to learn more about a culture and a people. Hosting individuals from a fusion of cultures and nationalities is symbolic of Lebanon´s East meets West character. Even though we are far from home, these gatherings have upheld the true spirit and nature of the Lebanese people. 





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