IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire

Escrito el 24 marzo 2010 por Alumni en Functional Area

11-03-2010 IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire 024.jpg 11-03-2010 IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire 012.jpg What better for IMBA students to learn how to become entrepreneurs than to hear it from their classmates? At the latest IE Entrepreneurs Club event, four IMBA entrepreneurs pitched the ideas behind their companies to their fellow classmates. The classmates, joined by IE Entrepreneurship professors Peter Bryant and Gary Stewart, grilled the entrepreneurs as to viability of their opportunities. After answering the serious questions, the IMBA entrepreneurs shared what really happened, giving aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience valuable tips for starting their own businesses.

11-03-2010 IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire 020.jpg 11-03-2010 IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire 019.jpg Felipe Broitman kicked things off with a presentation about his social entrepreneurship project, Juega+. The idea behind Juega+ is to facilitate learning for children in developing regions through a sports themed educational publication. Currently witnessing impressive growth in Chile, Felipe seeks to expand the project to other regions and sought advice from the audience.

2005 graduate Esteve Guerra, who has launched several business, tried to convince the audience of his latest venture called foodLinker. foodLinker is a software application for mobile phones that provides a fast and convenient solution to the problems experienced by sufferers of any kind of food- related intolerance, allergy or nutrition requirement or limitation, when making a decision whether or not to purchase a particular food or beverage at a supermarket or convenience store. Currently Esteve is seeking additional capital to add to the EUR150,000 already invested.

11-03-2010 IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire 004.jpg Current IMBA student Ellen Mendivelson shared her story of launching an IT consulting firm in Colombia. During the six years she ran the company, Ellen helped it achieve a $600,000 turnover. The company continues to function profitably while Ellen completes her IMBA.

11-03-2010 IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire 009.jpg Key takeaways from IMBA Entrepreneurs in the Fire:

  • The window of opportunity is short – act quickly in developing your idea
  • Despite popular opinion, businesses can still turn a profit in their first year
  • Social entrepreneur projects are not necessarily non-profit
  • You don’t need to be an expert in the field in which you would like to launch a business


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