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Conference: “Bodytech caso presented by Gigliola Aycardi”

March 18 – Bogotá, Colombia

In an event sponsored by Endeavor Colombia, we received Gigliola Aycardi, founder of Bodytech, the largest Gym brand in South America, and High Impact Entrepreneur from Endeavor. 24 people attended this event, having the opportunity to share their entrepreneurial activities during the cocktail that was offered after the conference.


Marzo 18 – Bogotá, Colombia

En un evento patrocinado por Endeavor Colombia, tuvimos la oportunidad de recibir a Gigliola Aycardi, fundadora de la cadena de gimnasios Bodytech, y Emprendedora de Alto Impacto de Endeavor. Al evento asistieron 24 antiguos alumnos, que aprovecharon también para compartir sus experiencias emprendedoras.