They set up the Entrepreneurship Club in 2004, they all have experience setting up businesses, two of them have done so since leaving IE and they came back one night in late March to a packed room to give their tips to IE’s budding entrepreneurs on how they can all follow in their footsteps.

The panel was represented by: 

  • Joe Haslam, VP of Stratemic Consulting,  a boutique Strategic Consulting Firm specialising in Disruptive Innovation projects (www.stratemic.com)
  • Carlos de Otto, Founder & CEO of Rockola, an online music and radio station (www.rockola.fm)
  • Diogo Pereira, Founder & CEO of OKHA Networks, a digital marketing firm (www.okhanetworks.com) 

It was one of the best club events for a long while (and not just because of the drinks in the bar afterwards!) and we hope that the panel reps will continue to maintain contact with the school as they have a lot to offer.


Some of the key takeaways from the panel:


  • Success = strategy + execution
  • Hussle for the deal, network, make it happen
  • The sooner you talk to customers (or potential customers) the better
  • Build a project you feel comfortable with
  • Managing your partners is tough and takes a lot of time but you need to work with others and their complementary skills to make a good business idea into something real and successful
  • Find something that needs to be solved – what is the underlying need and how does your idea help solve it?
  • Don’t be afraid of entering an industry you don’t know – some of the best opportunities come when incumbent players can’t look at their industry with fresh eyes. Sometimes industries with  lot of problems can also bring opportunities
  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it
  • Networking is critical for success 


Club Messages


  • News on upcoming events will be coming soon. If you have any ideas on events for the club please contact Mario Del Duca (mariodelduca@yahoo.co.uk) or one of the committee members with your suggestions. If you have great contacts that you think would make great speakers let us know. If you want to take the lead for an event, also let us know! 


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