The first seminar of the IE Real Estate club was a clear insight in the European Commercial Real Estate market with a particular focus on Spain. We were pleased to have the analysis and opinions from Andrés Escarpenter and Pedro de Churruca, CEO and managing director of Jones Lang LaSalle Spain respectively.

In a review of the most recent market data, it is clear that the Spanish real estate market faced the biggest correction among all European countries. The Paris and London market, the typical outperformers in commercial real estate already benefited from the recent economic revival in terms of deal value and number of  transaction. The Spanish is estimated to be stable nowadays after a strong correction and is expected to remain stable for the upcoming quarters in attendance of future revival.

From market data, the market of offices and retail property was hit hard where as the one of industrial/logistic property corrected to a lesser extent. The hard correction of retail and offices made prices to fall well below the long term average. In conclusion, the commercial real estate market shows strong signs of revival in the upcoming quarters at a slower pace of before crisis levels.

El primer seminario del IE Real Estate Club nos mostró una visión muy clara del Sector Inmobiliario Europeo, haciendo un especial hincapié en el mercado Español. Tuvimos la suerte de tener los análisis y opiniones de: Andrés Escarpenter y Pedro de Churruca, el CEO y director general de Jones Lang LaSalle en España.

Durante el análisis de los datos de mercado proporcionados, se vio claramente que el mercado Español ha sufrido la mayor corrección de todos los países de la Unión Europea. Tanto el  mercado Parisino como el londinense, las estrellas del sector comercial inmobiliario, ya se están beneficiando de los recientes brotes verdes de la economía en términos de valor y número de transacciones. Se espera que el mercado español se mantenga estable después de las fuertes correcciones sufridas en el sector y que se mantenga así en el futuro.

De los datos estadísticos, pudimos comprobar que el sector de oficinas y comercial ha sido el más dañado, mientras que el industrial y logístico sufrió menos caídas. Las grandes caídas en el sector de oficinas y comercial hicieron que la media de rentas bajara drásticamente en el sector.

En conclusión, el mercado comercial dentro del sector inmobiliario, muestra señales de superación en los próximos trimestres, aunque a un ritmo mucho más lento que en los trimestres anteriores a la actual crisis.


Miguel 17 noviembre 2010 - 14:05

I belive that the spanish market wont be back as it was 10 years ago for the next 4 years. Ive benn in this market since 1999 from the inside and the outside, as a proffesional and non proffesional. The only way to make this market grow is on lettings as the private landlords and developers have to many properties with out a new owner or tenant.. The should give this properties in a low price for lettings with the possibilitie of buying this properties in 4 or 6 years.. Doing this they would help many spanish and non spanish with residence in spain to have a property and have the chance to buy one.. As you know many of the young people in spain are living with their parents.. even till they are 40 years!! why?? because there is not a chance like i was explaining before.. I have with an IE student a relocation service company that at the same time acts as a real estae agency.. we colaborate with CB Richard Ellis, Vallehhermoso, and many other companies and private landlords.. and what we always find is that they prefeer to have their properties empty and loose money than given them to rent for after buying them.. So if the spanish market is like this at the moment its not only because the banks gived so many mortage” hipotecas” as sweets to children.. its because this goverment doesnt make them rent for a beter price their properties till the financial situation is better.. Relocate Madrid is one of the companies that today is fighting to give better oportunities to landlords and tenants..

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