On Campus Clubs Elections November 2012

Escrito el 27 noviembre 2012 por Alumni en Special Events

Dear Students,

After Clubs Fair, we will receive candidatures for club board members from November 28th to November 30th at 12 pm. If you are interested in becoming a member of the management board of a club, fill in CLUB REPRESENTATIVE NOMINATION and send it to clubs@ie.edu

Current club board members will have up to three places in the new club´s board; therefore they will have to select those people among the current board members that will stay in the new board. The rest of the board´s member will have to stand as a candidate for the election in case they want to be part of the new board. The decision on who is staying in the board has to be communicated to clubs@ie.edu before November 30th at 12 pm.

In order to vote in the elections and/or stand as a candidate you must be registered in the club at ieCommunities at www.ie.edu/alumni before December 3rd at 12:00 p.m.

Those who would like to be elected for board members should read the ONCAMPUS IE CLUB HANDBOOK 2012-2013 .

If there are more candidates for the club´s board than available seats in the board, there will be elections. If the number of candidates is equal or less than the number of free seats, the candidates will immediately become part of the board. Boards will have to choose the positions among themselves.
If a club does not have any candidate then the club will be eliminated except if it is managed by alumni.

The period for election campaign will be from December 1st at 12 pm until December 4th at 12 pm.

In order to run your campaign, we recommend you to:
• Send a video to upload it at the club´s forum in ieCommunities
• And/or organize a debate between candidates in a room. Once candidates have agreed to organize a debate you should ask us to book a room for the debate.

Elections will be handled online. The voting period will be from December 5th at 12 pm until December 10th at 12 pm. Only those students who are members of the clubs will be allowed to vote. You have the chance to join your clubs until December 3rd.

For more information related to elections and clubs please read the club´s ONCAMPUS IE CLUB HANDBOOK 2012-2013 or email us clubs@ie.edu


• IE Africa Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Australia Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Brazil Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Chile Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Colombia Club Madrid Chapter
• IE China Club Madrid Chapter
• IE France Club Madrid Chapter
• IE India Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Israel Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Japan Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Jordan Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Korea Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Lebanon Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Mexico Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Portugal Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Peru Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Río de la Plata Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Singapore Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Switzerland Club Madrid Chapter
• IE USA Club Madrid Chapter
• IE Venezuela Club Madrid Chapter

• IEOut Club
• IE Emerging Markets Club
• IE Entrepreneurship Club
• IE Ethics & Sustainability Club
• IE Finance Club
• IE Human Resources Club
• IE International Relations Club
• IE Marketing Club
• IE Operations Management Club
• IE Strategy Club
• IE Technology & Innovation Club
• IE WIB Club


• IE Agribusiness Club
• IE Art Club
• IE Automotive Industry Club
• IE Consulting Club
• IE Energy Club
• IE Fashion & Luxury Club
• IE Food & Beverage club
• IE Healthcare Club
• IE Law Club
• IE Real Estate Club
• IE Retail Club
• IE Travel and Tourism Club
• IE Sports Management Club
• IE Venture Capital and Private Equity Club
• IE Wine Industry Club

• IE Badminton Club
• IE Basketball Club
• IE BOTW Club
• IE Buddy Club
• IE Cigar Club
• IE Dancing Club
• IE Doctoral Club
• IE German Speakers Club
• IE Golf Club
• IE Music Club
• IE Padel Club
• IE Partners Club
• IE Photography Club
• IE Rugby Club
• IE Running Club
• IE Sailing Club
• IE Social Club
• IE Spain Club
• IE Squash Club
• IE Tennis Club
• IE Theater Club
• IE Volleyball Club



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