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Lebanon & Spain: Two Countries, One Vision Out of the Economic Crisis

The IE Alumni Club in Lebanon in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Beirut and  the Department of Economics at the American University of Beirut hosted the panel discussion LEBANON & SPAIN: Two Countries, One Vision Out of the Economic Crisis on December 9.

The panel discussion, that focused on Spain and Lebanon’s relations, started by opening keynote by Miss Sabine Yazbeck the Director of Business Development for the MENA Region at IE Business School and Mr Wael Kechli the president of IE Lebanon Club, followed by a visionary talk by Ambassador Milagros Hernando Ambassador of Spain in Lebanon.

Lebanon and Spain are two nations distinctly revered for their unique culture and beauty. Yet, they are in the midst of an economic crisis. Spain is suffering the implication of the European crisis and the global economic downturn while Lebanon is entering its 10th month without a government and is constantly affected by the spillovers of the civil unrest in neighboring Syria.

Four guest panelists discussed the relationship between Lebanon and Spain in order to see where the challenges lie, and bilateral trade and investment opportunities can be boosted between the two.

The event featured the following speakers:

The panel was moderated by Youmna Naufal, Head of the English News Desk at Future News Television.

We would like to thank the representatives of the IE Alumni Club in Lebanon for their effort in organizing this event.

You can watch some parts of the panel below:


Check the pictures of the event here:


Also, Future News Television invited Professor Gonzalo Garland, to participate in an interview live on the following day. You can watch the interview here, starting at 4:40