Eniola Akinsete_blogI am a mother, wife and career woman. I am passionate about EVERYTHING that has to do with me. I am ambitious. I am determined (which explains why I left 3 kids and a husband in Nigeria to go to Spain for an MBA!!!). I hate defeat. I love quiet. I love loyalty. I hate deception. I am Eniola Akinsete, International MBA December 2013 graduate.

Going to IE was and is still a life changing experience for me. My 13 months on the program sharpened my existing knowledge areas, gave me additional latitude and depth in my business knowledge and empowered me for the next chapter of my life career and otherwise. I joined PwC Nigeria in January 2014 and I must confess that I marvel at how grown up I have become as a result of my IE experience in terms of business. I am better able to critically analyze situations and in turn realize more opportunities, insights than I did before the program. These days, for me, an idea, no matter how flimsy, always has something to give or something that can be gained. IE sharpened my skills such that even with my kids I am a better negotiator (more like a subtle dictator with the kids though!!!) at getting things achieved. 

The IE experience remains a priceless one to me. Not only did I gain a lifetime education, I learnt how to survive in the toughest of emotional situations, I made new friends that I still keep in touch. IE has given me some solid foundation for a new level and I have several cherished memories to keep me going for a long time to come.


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