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IE Lebanon Club Beirut Chapter held its “Annual Christmas Dinner” in Beirut at  Gemmayze on Wednesday, December 28, 2011. About 30 alumni attended the dinner, shared IE memories and gave some advice to the newly accepted students who also were present.

IE Lebanon Club Beirut Chapter celebró su “Cena Anual de Navidad” en Gemmayze (Beirut) el miércoles 28 de Diciembre del 2011. Unos 30 antiguos alumnos atendieron la cena, compartieron recuerdos de IE y dieron algunos consejos a los nuevos alumnos que también estaban allí.


They came from far and wide, from Texas, Vevey, Lausanne, Rolle, Nyon, Geneva left and right bank to the Metropôle Hotel in Geneva for the  second «Summer and the city» IE / SAMBA cocktail. In excess of 60 Alumni dined on finger food and had access to the bar on the rooftop, famous location  for his superb views of the lake and jet d’eau, of the  very old hotel built in 1854 and situated in the heart of Geneva and right on the lakeshore. During this networking event, alumni from INSEAD, IMD, HEC Paris, Wharton, Columbia, Stanford, Stern School of Business, IESE Business School, SDA Bocconi and IE Business School laughed, exchanged last business trends, told stories and made more connections. Among the alumni in attendance was Enrique Melero, IE Executive MBA class of 2005, an entrepreneur, founder of the famous The web site was created in 1998 by Enrique Melero and his wife shortly before the birth of the first of their 4 children. “We wanted to use our knowledge of parenting and we developed a community based on exchange. If you have a question, you can find the answers. Last time it took me 4 minutes to get an answer to a very specific question! It is a sort of (but created 9 years before) for parents. You can get in touch with other parents, staying at home”.

The web site had become a reference in his field, covering all related with babies, with more than half a million visits per month. “ is a different social network in which parents share their problems and look for advice during the most important period of their lives: conception to pregnancy and first months of life of their babies.”

Enrique gave us 3 of their preferred locations for families in Geneva:

“Parc La Grange on Quai Gustave Ador is Geneva’s largest park encompassing 12000 square meters along the lake. The park contains the largest rose garden in the city and a horticultural center. During the summer, the Verdure Theatre on site hosts free concerts every Wednesday and Friday. “

“Another location of interest for people that are living near jonction is Park Batie Woods “bois de la batie”, a small animal farm in the city, fantastic for children and makes a great afternoon out. It is a refuge of wildlife near the city center, covering some 20 hectares, pretty popular among joggers; you can have relaxing hiking trails through the park.

« Cheetah-Baby Plage » is the beach of Geneva and is one of the top locations for families; strollers; sand shovels swimmers and parents with sunscreen “. He also recommends also pretty villages like Yvoire and Hermance along the lake.

We would like to thank you Antoine Caffin, IE Executive MBA class of 2009 and Servane Claudel, head of IE alumni, MBA class of 2008 and SDA Bocconi alumnus Marc Perut for the organization. SAMBA the swiss association of MBA looks at ways to build bridges between alumni from top business school and supported the event. Join fellow alumni (Photos of this event, Twitter IE alumni Geneva , Linkedin Group) to swap stories and share photos! Please go to SAMBA to get more information or to register.


Past Tuesday May 24th, the terrace of the Library Juan Bosh of the Global Foundation of Democracy and Development (FUNGLODE) was the scene where academic and consular authorities of both Spain and Dominican Republic met for the launch of the Alumni Club of the IE Business School in the country.

The activity was developed in the context of the visit of Rafael Puyol, Vice-president of Institutional Relations of IE and the IE Foundation, so he ccould provide a lecture about the mobility of talent in the global world. We could also count with the presence of the Director of IE for Colombia, Central America, and Dominican Republic, Patricia Salgar, who, on behalf of the Alumni Association of IE, handed a formal Certificate of Incorporation to the new Director and the founding members of this initiative.

Representing the Dominican Republic, the words of welcome were given by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Ligia Amada Melo; followed by the Spanish Ambassador of Spain in the country, Diego Bermejo and Rafael Puyol. Finally the floor was given to Mariel Leon, graduate of the Master in International Legal Practice 2007-2008 and president of the club. In her speech, she pointed out that the growth of academic mobility is a raising phenomenon and that a great number of student return to their countries full of new ideas, concepts, and dreams due to the experience they had at IE and in the Motherland. She pointed out that it is a priority to follow up on these small communities and thanked IE for having articulated a way like this by which energies can be channeled properly  for the good of society. The closing speech was done by Marco Herrera, executive director of FUNGLODE, who expressed again his support of this institution to IE under the agreement signed between both associations.

Owing to the presence of Rafael Puyol in the event celebrated in the Dominican Republic, the digital media “Listin Diario” interviewed him under the headline: “We must prevent the talent from leaving

El pasado martes 24 de mayo la terraza de la Biblioteca Juan Bosh de la Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) fue el escenario donde se reunieron autoridades académicas y consulares tanto de España como de República Dominicana, con motivo del lanzamiento del Club de Antiguos Alumnos del Instituto de Empresa (IE) en el país.

La actividad se desarrolló en el contexto de la visita de Rafael Puyol, Vicepresidente de Relaciones Institucionales del IE y de la Fundación IE, a los fines de impartir una conferencia sobre la movilidad de talentos en el mundo global.  Se contó también con la presencia de la Directora del IE para Colombia, Centroamérica y República Dominicana, Patricia Salgar, quien, en representación de la Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos del IE, hizo entrega formal de un Certificado de Incorporación a la nueva directiva y miembros fundadores de esta iniciativa.

En representación de la República Dominicana, las palabras de bienvenida las dio la Ministra de Educación Superior, Ciencia y Tecnología, Ligia Amada Melo; seguida por el embajador de España en el país, Diego Bermejo y Rafael Puyol. Finalmente se le concedió la palabra a Mariel León, graduada del Master in International Legal Practice 2007-2008 y presidenta del club. En su discurso, ésta señaló que si bien el auge de la movilidad académica es un fenómeno que va en aumento, también es cierto que una gran proporción de estudiantes vuelven a sus países llenos de nueva ideas, conceptos y sueños permeados por la experiencia recibida tanto en el IE como en la Madre Patria. Señaló que era de primer orden dar seguimiento a estas pequeñas colectividades y agradeció al IE el haber articulado un medio como éste por el cual estas energías pueden ser canalizadas efectivamente, por el bien de la sociedad. Cerró la actividad el discurso de Marco Herrera, director ejecutivo de FUNGLODE quien expresó nueva vez el apoyo de esta institución al IE en el marco del acuerdo firmado entre ambas asociaciones.

Con motivo de la presencia de Rafael Puyol en el evento celebrado en la República Dominicana, el medio digital Listin Diario le realizó una entrevista bajo el titular “Hay que evitar que el talento se vaya”.

 Andalusian Entrepreneurs Win the first IE Impact Weekend Competition 
Madrid – 5 June 2011 – IE Business School is pleased to announce «Tarifas Blancas» as the winner of Impact Weekend, a 60-hour, hands-on, innovative experience that brought together 30 students from IE Business School along with social entrepreneurs from across Spain to share ideas and develop socially responsible business plans.  

Tarifas Blancas, an initiative being developed by Andalusian entrepreneurs, Jesús Rivas and Pedro Elías Rincon, is a web-based platform that seeks to provide millions of unemployed Spaniards with access to commercial initiatives to help address the economic needs of their families as well as provide them with a network to find employment opportunities. “Our dream is to save each unemployed Spaniard 1 euro per day”, stated Jesús. Expressing his satisfaction with the structure of the weekend’s activities, he added that “Impact Weekend was the turning point our project needed. The number of talented people who attended this event to support social entrepreneurship was incredibly motivating”.  

Justing Goldbach (Aspen Institute), Fernando Arias (Valanza Private Equity), Jose Martin Cabiedes (Fundacion Haz lo Posible), Pablo Almunia Sanz (ITM Platform) y Margarita Albors (SocialNest)


Jesus Maria Cainzos Escudero (IE MBA), Sergi Burrull Valdés (un amigo del equpio de Tarficas Blancas), Pedro Elías Rincon (Tarifas Blancas), Jesus Rivas (Tarifas Blancas), Manual Camacho (IE MBA), Jose Luis Ruiz de Munain (IE MBA)

«It’s really useful to have a weekend that focuses solely on social impact. Moreover, Tarifas Blancas is a great project that can really change the current situation of unemployment in Spain”, said Gary Stewart, Director, IE Venture Lab. Mr Stewart was one of the five investors that evaluated the final presentations, alongside representatives from Creas Venture Capital, Ashoka Spain, Valanza Private Equity and Fundación Haz lo Posible.  

IE Impact Weekend, created by students from IE Net Impact Club and IE Venture Lab, leverages IE Business School’s business savvy and strong culture of entrepreneurship to empower both social entrepreneurs and students with the tools to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world through business. Following a highly competitive series of Pitch Your Peers events, a total of five ideas were developed throughout the weekend by participants, with valuable mentoring advice provided by established social entrepreneurs from organizations which included the Aspen Institute, SocialNest, EBBF, ITM Plaform and the Hub Madrid.
The first Impact IE Weekend took place from 27 to 29 May 2011, with a second equal event tentatively being planned for November 2011.
 Synopsis of Speaker event: VP & GM-Dell, Mr Aongus Hegarty  
 30th May 2011

 Aula Magna, IE Business School, Madrid

In an initiative to develop stronger collaboration with the IT industry, IE Business School recently invited Mr. Aongus Hegarty, the Vice President and General Manager of Dell, Consumer & Small Medium Enterprise Sector of the EMEA region on campus to deliver a keynote speech.  Dr. Peter Bryant, Professor of Entrepreneurship at IE Business School, hosted the event. Other distinguished guests included Mr. Peter Cusack, the Marketing Director of Consumer Strategy, EMEA at Dell. The topic of discussion was the Consumerization of IT and whether/how firms should embrace this trend to succeed in the global marketplace.

P 1: Guests from Dell with faculty members of IE Business School

With increasing customer focus and massive transformations in innovation and technology, firms across the globe are facing new challenges in terms of maintaining their competitiveness and offering new products and services not only to their existing consumers but also having to think of ways to acquire greater market share. The seminar’s central theme revolved around Dell’s ability to look for newer growth segments while maintaining their brand value and not diluting their core product/service offerings. (Here is also an interesting thought on the same subject by Microsoft – What does the future behold for us? Will the product and service firms survive the onslaught of cheap and readily available and commoditized IT solutions? )

Mr. Hegarty touched a variety of topics, focusing on Dell’s emerging business models and how customers are driving numerous new initiatives. He stressed upon the importance of new paradigms such as Social Media, Cloud Computing, Device Proliferation and Virtualization that are shaping the future of technological innovations. Unlike a few years ago, when tech firms had the monopoly of deciding what was best for their customers and therefore they built their businesses around ‘core business offerings’, modern-day consumers are more responsive to technology changes and can decide what works best for them. He clearly mentioned that no company could survive without diversifying its product/service offerings, with primary focus on the consumer, and Dell is no exception. However, he also mentioned how Dell has adopted a unique strategy of diversification by still retaining its key product offering: laptops, servers and data storage devices. During the recent past, in a bid to differentiate its operations, Dell has entered new segments such as IT services, Smartphones, Tablets and Network services. The key reason, Mr. Hegarty pointed out, has not been to compete with other players from the industry but to satisfy the demands of Dell’s existing customer base, who expect the same quality in new products as in the existing products that they use, such as their Dell laptops.
Evidently, there has been a conspicuous shift in the diversification approach, to which tech firms have been adapting to, so they can enter new markets. A case in point has been the introduction of a unique product called the ‘Dell Latitude XT2’, a crossover between a tablet PC and a laptop. The product is targeted to cater the needs of Dell’s loyal business users, who want something more than popular tablets like iPad and Samsung Galaxy tab. As technology becomes more and more ubiquitous, integration of different features will become even more prominent. Mr. Hegarty also reinforced on the fact that Dell is one of the earliest pioneers of ‘custom built laptops suitable for individual users’. In the future, Dell will retain this business proposition to extend the same for its new range of consumer products.
 Another interesting revelation that emerged out of this interactive discussion was the fact that Dell acquired about eight technology companies during the last year, in contrast to only one acquisition during the first twenty-five years of its existence, a clear shift in its expansion strategy.
Finally, the discussion ended with one of IE’s MBA grads asking about Dell’s full-throttle entry into the smartphone segment, by building a new platform of its own. Mr. Hegarty clarified that Dell had no such plans in the near future and that Dell has been a great proponent of the ‘Open Source Technologies’; it will continue to build devices based on popular platforms as long as that does not violate Dell’s core business and continues to offers a valuable proposition to their customers. 

P 2: Mr. Hegarty displaying the new Dell XPS - 15: world’s thinnest laptop

Overall, it was a thought-provoking discussion, which increasingly underscored the implications of convergence between IT and consumer electronics. As the line between both continues to blur, top-notch firms like Dell will face new challenges and continue to innovate, with consumer needs dictating the terms.

Some closing thoughts: It is clear that IT companies have taken cognizance of the fact that consumers are becoming more and more important when making management decisions at big and small enterprises, whether they provide products or IT services suppliers. The emergence of social media and the vast potentials of mobile technology have led to a point of no return of consumerization in IT. Major players can no longer play quid pro quo with their customers. At the same time, the proliferation of consumer devices like smartphones and tablets into enterprise computing is definitely giving CIOs sleepless nights. Finally, enterprises have to re-think their strategies, which may require tweaking their business models in order to use this paradigm shift to their own advantage, but sooner or later this change has to be embraced to survive. 


 Sinopsis del evento: Sr. Aongus Hegarty, Vicepresidente y Director General de Dell

30 de Mayo del 2011

Aula Magna, IE Business School, Madrid

En una iniciativa para desarrollar una mayor colaboración  con la industria informática, IE Business School invito recientemente al Sr. Aongus Hegarty, Vicepresidente y Director General de Dell, Consumidores y Pequeñas-Medianas Empresas del Sector de la región EMEA, para dar una conferencia en el campus. El evento fue organizado por el Dr. Peter Bryant, Profesor de Emprendimiento en IE Business School. Otro invitado destacado fue el Sr. Peter Cusack, Director de Marketing de Estrategia del Consumidor, EMEA de Dell. El tema a tratar era la consumerización de la informática y como deberían las empresas adoptar esta tendencia para triunfar en el mercado mundial.

Con un notable aumento en el enfoque al cliente y transformaciones masivas en innovación y tecnología, empresas de todo el mundo se encuentran con nuevos desafíos para mantener su competitividad y ofrecer nuevos productos y servicios, no solo para sus clientes actuales sino también para adquirir una mayor cuota de mercado. El tema central del seminario era la habilidad que tiene Dell para encontrar nuevos segmentos en crecimiento mientras mantiene el valor de su marca sin diluir los productos/servicios que ofrece. (Microsoft nos propone una idea interesante sobre el mismo tema– ¿Que nos depara el futuro? ¿Conseguirá sobrevivir la empresa que ofrece productos y servicios a la avalancha de soluciones baratas y fácilmente disponibles de productos informáticos de consumo general?

El Sr. Hegarty trato una variedad de temas, centrándose en los nuevos modelos de negocio de Dell y como los consumidores son los responsables de numerosas iniciativas nuevas. Hizo hincapié sobre la importancia de nuevos paradigmas tales como medios de comunicación social, cloud computing, la proliferación de dispositivos y su virtualización, los cuales modelan el futuro de innovaciones tecnológicas. Al contrario que hoy en día, hace unos años las empresas tenían el monopolio a la hora de decidir qué era lo mejor para sus clientes y por ello construían sus empresas en torno a las ofertas de negocio principal, mientras que los consumidores actuales responden mejor a los cambios tecnológicos y pueden decidir que se adapta mejor a sus necesidades. También expuso que ninguna compañía podría sobrevivir sin diversificar los productos/servicios ofrecidos, con un enfoque claro al consumidor, y Dell no es una excepción. Menciono también como Dell a adoptado una estrategia única de diversificación mientras mantiene la gama de productos que ofrece: portátiles, servidores, y dispositivos de almacenamiento de datos. Recientemente, en una apuesta por diferenciar sus operaciones, Dell adopto nuevos segmentos, como servicios informáticos, smartphones, tabletas, y servicios de red. La razón principal, apunto Mr. Hegarty, no ha sido competir con otros jugadores de la industria sino satisfacer la demanda de los clientes actuales de Dell, quienes esperan la misma calidad de nuevos productos así como de los ya existentes, como sus portátiles Dell.


P 3: Mr. Hegarty answering questions from audience

Evidentemente, ha habido un cambio sobresaliente en el enfoque de diversificación, al que las empresas de tecnología se están adaptando para poder acceder a nuevos mercados. Un ejemplo de ello es la presentación de un producto único llamado “Dell Latitude XT2”, un cruce entre una tablet PC y un portátil. El producto está dirigido a las necesidades de los fieles consumidores empresariales de Dell, los cuales quieren algo más que las populares tablets PC como IPad y Samsung Galaxy tab. Mientras la tecnología se hace más y más omnipresente, la integración de diferentes características será todavía más prominente. El Sr. Hegarty también hizo hincapié en el hecho de que Dell es uno de los primeros pioneros en crear portátiles personalizados para el uso de usuarios individuales. En el futuro, Dell mantendrá su propuesta de negocio de extender el mismo para obtener un nuevo rango de productos del consumidor.

Otra relevación interesante que surgio de esta discusión interactiva, fue el hecho de que Dell adquirió unas ocho empresas tecnológicas durante el último año, a comparación con solo una adquisición durante los primeros veinticinco años de su existencia, un claro cambio en su estrategia de expansión.

Finalmente, la discusión termino cuando uno de los graduados de IMBA del IE pregunto acerca de la rápida entrada de Dell en el segmento de teléfonos inteligentes, y la construcción de una plataforma propia. El Sr. Hegarty clarifico que Dell no tiene tales planes en el futuro cercano y que es un gran defensor de las “Tecnologías de Código Abierto”, Dell continuara la construcción de dispositivos basados en plataformas populares siempre y cuando esto no viole  el núcleo del negocio y continúe ofreciendo proposiciones valiosas a sus clientes.

En general, fue un discurso que invitaba a la reflexión, el cual subrayaba las consecuencias de la convergencia entre el consumo de informática y electrónica. Mientras la línea entre las dos continúe difuminándose, importantes empresas como Dell tendrán que enfrentarse a nuevos desafíos y continuar innovando, con las necesidades de los consumidores dictando los términos.

Algunas ideas finales: Esta claro que las compañías informáticas reconocen el hecho de que los consumidores se están volviendo más importantes a la hora de tomar decisiones dentro de pequeñas y grandes empresas, tanto si estas proveen productos o servicios informáticos. La fusión de medios de comunicación social y el increíble potencial de tecnología móvil ha creado un punto sin retorno en el consumo de informática. Empresas importantes ya no pueden jugar al quid pro quo con sus clientes, Al mismo tiempo, la proliferación de dispositivos para el consumidor como teléfonos inteligentes y tablet PC dentro de las empresas está provocando a más de un Director Ejecutivo el no poder dormir. Finalmente, las empresas tienen que revisar sus estrategias, lo cual puede requerir que tengan que ajustar su modelo de negocio para poder beneficiarse de este cambio paradigmático, pero para poder sobrevivir  tarde o temprano tendrán que adoptar este cambio.



On April 5th, IE France Club organized a conference with Professor Gayle Allard in Paris. Professor Allard shared with the Alumni community in France her vision on the world situation after the 2008 economic and financial crisis, as well as on how countries, corporations and individuals could deal with this “new normal”. This successful event held in the famous Louvre Musuem district downtown Paris gathered many current students and alumni who actively debated during the conference.  The evening was concluded by a typical «Cheese and Wine» allowing to further pursue the discussions.

The IE France Club would like to thank Professor Gayle Allard, Victoria Gimeno, Nora Anderson and Liudmila Ishchenko for making this event possible, as well as all attendees for their active participation.

We look forward to seeing  you at our next event scheduled for May 2011. Please stay tuned on social networks to get informed on our next events!

¡La profesora Gayle Allard impartió una conferencia en Paris!

El 5 de abril el IE France Club organizó una conferencia con la profesora Gayle Allard en Paris. La profesora Allard compartió con la comunidad de antiguos alumnos del IE en Francia su visión sobre la situación económica mundial y la crisis financiera desde el año 2008, así como los países, corporaciones e individuos podrían lidiar con esta “nueva normalidad”. El exitoso evento que se celebró en el famoso distrito del museo del Louvre de Paris  reunió a muchos estudiantes y alumni quienes debatieron activamente durante la conferencia. La jornada concluyó con un típico “Queso y Vino” que permitió continuar con el debate.

IE France Club quiere agradecer a la Profesora Gayle Allard, Victoria Gimeno, Nora Anderson y Liudmila Ishchenko por hacer este evento posible y también a todos los asistentes por su activa participación.

Esperamos veros nuevamente en nuestro próximo evento planificado para mayo de 2011. Por favor estad atentos en las redes sociales para informaros de nuestros próximos eventos.


Executive Networking day

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On March 30th was celebrated the “Executive Networking Day” where students and former students from more than 15 different promotions assisted.

This Networking Day was organized with the support  of the academic direction of executive masters, with the main goal of applying network among students and former students so helpful for their professional careers.

The event included an informal cocktail where each assistant received a ticket entrance and a route table that described which tables to use and change from table every 20 minutes. This action enable assistants get to know at least 30 different persons.

IE through Alumni Association will continue organizing this kind of events that develops personal and professional careers of the members of IE community.

El 30 de Marzo se celebró, un “Executive Networking Day”, con la asistencia de  alumnos y antiguos alumnos de nivel executive de más de 15 promociones distintas.

Este Networking Day, fue organizado en colaboración con la dirección académica de los master executive, teniendo como objetivo principal  ampliar el network de los alumnos y antiguos alumnos tan necesario para su carrera profesional.

El evento consistió en un coctel informal, donde a cada asistente se le entregó a la entrada, una hoja de ruta, con unas mesas asignadas, teniendo que seguir dicha ruta conociendo a otros executive, cambiando cada 20 minutos de mesa. Con este procedimiento cada asistente al final conseguía conocer al menos a unas 30 personas distintas.

El IE, a través de la Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos, va a continuar promoviendo estas iniciativas que ayudan para el desarrollo personal y profesional de los miembros de su comunidad.


IE finance professor Ignacio de la Torre challenged the conventional methods of economic forecasting during two thought-provoking Master Classes in Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland this month. The talks by de la Torre, who is also Academic Director of the Master in Finance programs at IE, served as an introduction to a new Global Master in Finance program that IE is launching in Fall 2011.

During the events, de la Torre offered several fresh perspectives on what factors can help predict global GDP, ranging from changes in geopolitics to education trends. With an audience of over 60 people between the two cities, Professor De La Torre led a thought-provoking and engaging discussion.

The audience included both IE alumni currently working in Switzerland, candidates interested in IE Master and MBA programs, and executives from the Swiss business community. The events were a wonderful opportunity for networking and both events were followed by an informal cocktail where attendees had the chance to mingle and continue the lively debate from the Master Classes. Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to Ignacio de la Torre…. Let’s see if his financial predictions for the year come true!

El profesor de Finanzas Ignacio de la Torre debatió los métodos convencionales de previsión económica durante sus dos Master Classes en Ginebra y Zurich  en  marzo de 2011, provocando polémica.

La conferencia de de la Torre,  Director Académico de los programas Master in Finance en el IE, sirvió como introducción al nuevo Global Master in Finance program qie se lanzará en otoño del 2011.

Durante los eventos, de la Torre ofreció diferentes perspectivas muy frescas cuyos factores pueden llegar a predecir el PIB global, tomando en consideración tanto  los cambios geopolíticos  como las tendencias en educación. Con una audiencia fue de más de 60 personas entre ambas ciudades, el profesor de la Torre guio una efervescente y provocador debate.

Entre la audiencia se encontraban antiguos alumnos del IE que trabajan actualmente en Suiza, candidatos interesados en los programas Master del IE, así como directivos de la comunidad empresarial suiza. Los eventos supusieron una oportunidad única de networking y ambos eventos incluyeron un cocktail informal donde los asistentes tuvieron la oportunidad de intercambiar y continuar la discusión surgida en las Master Classes.

Gracias a todos los que vinieron y en especial a Ignacio de la Torre. Vamos a ver si sus predicciones financieras para el año se cumplen!


From 14 March to 17 March 2011 in Shanghai, IE Alumni Association organized the VI IE International Update: Business in China, as part of the lifelong learning and networking services offered to IE alumni.

Shanghai is one of Asia’s key cities in terms of economy, finance and logistics. With an annual economic growth of more than 8% and a population of more than 20 million, it is regarded as the financial capital of China.

The IE International Update was held at School of Management, Fudan University, one of the most prestigious universities in China with an international reputation for academic excellence. Classes from Fudan and IE professors were mixed with lectures from entrepreneurs and professionals working in China.

The programme was attended by students and alumni from different countries, and different programs including Global MBA and International Executive MBA Bi-weekly. The course included sessions about the situation of the Chinese market and the challenges facing corporate China, as well as company visits to leading firms in the region.

Speakers included alumni, entrepreneurs and executives: Mr. Albert Krisskoy, IE IXMBA 2007, China Chief Representative, Tradeco, Comercio y Cooperación S.L. and IE China Office Representative; Mr. Jose C. Martos, IE EXMBA 2003, General Manager, Saint-Gobain Weber Industrial Mortars in China; Mr. Emmanuel Carcassonne, IXMBA 2009, Founder and CEO of APECYD International Ltd.; Mr. Rafael Martin, Director of Shanghai Operations, Grupo Antolin; Mr. Francisco Soler, Shanghai Office Director, Garrigues; Mr. Jesus Dolz Boscar, MBA 1993, AMP 2005, General Manager, Industrias Dolz S.A; and Mr. Shiqi Wang, Senior Manager, Marketing and Strategies, Region China & North East Asia, Ericsson. The course also included sessions from Fudan University professors: Dr. Xiaoya Liang, Dr. Xiarong Zhang, Dr. Zhao Youzhen and Dr. Jun Wang; and IE Professor, Dr. Custodia Cabanas

In addition to the sessions, the participants visited the China Expo Pavillion. The 2010 World Expo Shanghai was the largest Expo site ever, covering more than 5.2 square kilometers and containing more than 70 exposition pavilions and in its six month run had attracted over 70 million visitors.

The participants also had the opportunity to visit two companies in Shanghai: The first company visit was to Nokia Siemens Networks Shanghai where they were addressed by Mr. Jose Antonio Menendez Herrero (ExMBA 2007), Head of Shanghai Factory. NSN is one of the largest telecommunications solutions suppliers in the world, created as the result of a joint venture between Siemens AG’s COM division (minus its Enterprise business unit) and Nokia’s Network Business Group. It operates in approximately 150 countries worldwide, and has about 60,000 employees.

The second visit was to Chint where they were addressed by Mr. Yin Zhang, General Manager, International Trade Department. The company is a leading player in the Low-voltage electrical, Power Transmission and Distribution industries in China, with a turnover of over $2 Billion in 2006. In the year of 2006, Chint ranked 15th in the list of top 100 Companies released by Forbes, which evaluated all private companies (both those listed as public and not) in China.

All in all, the IE International Update Programme tried to provide the attendants with a picture of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in China, as well as of the strengths and weaknesses of the one of the biggest economies of the world.

During the week, the participants had the opportunity to develop contacts with Chinese clients, suppliers and local partners, as well as to strengthen their network with IE students, graduates and professors.

Many thanks to all who shared this experience!

Entre los días 14 y 17 de marzo de 2011 en Shanghai, la Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos del IE ha organizado el VI IE International Update: Business in China. Este curso forma parte de los programas de formación continua ofrecidos para antiguos alumnos.

Shanghai es actualmente una de las ciudades clave de Asia en términos de economía, finanzas y logística. Con un crecimiento anual superior al 8% y una población de 20 millones se considera como la capital económica de China.

El IE International Update tuvo lugar en el School of Management, Universidad de Fudan, una de las universidades más prestigiosas de China con una reputación internacional de excelencia académica. Las clases mezclaron profesores de Fudan y del IE con ponencias de emprendedores y profesionales que trabajan en China, así como representantes institucionales.

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Even after the global financial crisis, some of Korea-based global companies have showed outstanding performance in European markets. That is why IE Korea club cordially invited LG Electronics España, S.A.U(LGEE) to share their success story and marketing strategy in Spain market, with IE society. In spite of turbulent Spanish economy, LGEE has achieved tremendous sales growth performance last two years. In some categories of consumer electronics products, they have been able to take No.1 positions in terms of market share.

Sung-Hun Han, the President of LGEE and Pablo Vidal Arean, Chief Marketing Director of LGEE and a graduate MBA 1997 of IE Business School came to IE with their own clear messages and appealing arguments. Mr Han convincingly argues that the recent impressive accomplishment of LG in Spain is attributed to its agile adaptation of marketing, pricing and customer understanding to depressed Spanish economic situations. During the conference, IE students were able to gain insights to how LG has climbed up to an unbeatable position in consumer electronics markets and how they will move on in the era of ‘smart’ products. Let us be prepared to see its next leap.

For more information on LG Electronics España, please contact to

Dong Su Bae / IE Business School IMBA 2011 Candidate. The president of IE Korea Club.

Incluso después de la crisis financiera mundial, algunas de las compañías globales con sede en Corea han mostrado un rendimiento excepcional en los mercados europeos. Es por eso que IE Corea del Club invitó a LG Electronics España, SAU (LGEE) para compartir su historia de éxito y la estrategia de comercialización en el mercado español con la comunidad del IE. A pesar de la turbulenta economía española, LGEE ha logrado un altísimo crecimiento de las ventas los dos últimos años. En algunas categorías de productos de electrónica de consumo,  han sido capaces de conseguir la posición número 1 en términos de cuota de mercado.
Sung-Hun Han, el Presidente de LGEE y Pablo Vidal Arean, Director de Marketing Director de LGEE y MBA 1997 por el  IE Business School, expusieron mensajes claros y  atractivos argumentos. . Han argumenta convincentemente que el reciente logro impresionante de LG en España se atribuye a su adaptación ágil de comercialización, su política de precios y clientes al entender la situación de depresión económica española. Durante la conferencia, los alumnos de IE fueron capaces de hacerse una idea de cómo LG ha escalado hasta una posición inmejorable en los mercados de electrónica de consumo y cómo van a moverse en la era de productos «inteligentes». Estaremos  preparados para ver su próximo salto.  Para más información sobre LG Electronics España, por favor contacte a dbae.imba2011 @
Bae Su Dong / IMBA 2.011. Presidente de Corea del IE Club.

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