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A group of students from England have been lucky enough to have Giovanna Lagos Cabieses as their personal interpreter this week. Several MBA students from Manchester Business School used their student contacts here at IE to obtain a personal interpreter in Madrid while they are performing their International Project; their last academic requirement before graduating.

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Partners Club welcomes a new member!

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The Partner’s Club welcomes Silvana to the IE Familie! On February 16, 2006 Martha and Paulino celebrated the birth of their new baby girl Silvana Romero Aguiar. Beautiful baby and beautiful mother are both doing well, as the proud father will attest. Congratulations!
El Club de Partners le da la bienvenida a Silvana a la familia IE! El 16 de febrero Martha y Paulino celebraron el nacimiento de su primera bebita Silvana Romero Aguiar. La hermosa bebé y la hermosa madre están perfectamente. Felicitaciones!


Partners Club welcomes new members!

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The IE Partners’ Club welcomed on January 2 new members for their club. This represents the second intake of members as the new students from other programs arrived in January. As well as introducing themselves, current members, all partners from the International MBA students who arrived in October and November of 2005, got together to present their initiatives to the newly arrived. The club keeps on growing and so does its program!

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IE Christmas Dinner

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They gathered together for an evening of drinking, dining, dancing, and picture taking!
In the spirit of the Christmas holidays, friendship, and camaraderie IE students along with friends and family gathered at Café Oliver on their final day of classes for period 1. This celebration was organized by the IE Partners’ Club (Joana Pérez and Renée Culver) and was attended by students from all branches of IE programs. With the establishment filled to capacity, this evening presented a unique opportunity for the students to mingle with fellow business students, as well as faculty and staff, from outside their groups, sections and degree programs. The evening was a fun filled collection of food and drink, music and dancing and new associations. It was the perfect way to begin the holiday break.


Thanksgiving Day at IE

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On November 24, Thanksgiving Day, the IE Partners Club got together to celebrate with their student partners, other Americans, and anyone who felt like «giving thanks». The event was a «Pot Luck» and every member brought a typical dish from their country or just something they wanted to share. Dishes varied from Guacamole, to Samosas to Chocolate Mousse and although there was no giant turkey, we were thankful to share the evening together.
Cena de acción de gracias.jpg
Joana and Renée, coordinators of the Partners Club 2005-06, organized a delightful night at IE for Thanks Giving Day


The OrIEntal Night (La Noche Oriental)

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Students sampled a variety of Arabic traditional dishes, enjoyed watching performance of a belly dancer, and some experienced the sheesha pipe smoking!
Thursday 17 Nov. 2005
IE students from IMBA 2005, 2006 and other programs have enjoyed a night of the «one thousand & one nights» here in Madrid. A totally students-initiated event has taken place last week to celebrate the diversity of students.
A team of students calling themselves «The Flying Carpet Group» have organized this Arabic/MiddleEastern night, where students enjoyed a fascinating bellydancing show, Arabic cousine & dishes, and sheesha/hookah smoke (some for the first time). There was a specially-booked hall & show for IE students.
The event was a great opportunity for all students to meet their peers, have a fun time and a break from assignments & work. At the end, this is what most people remember from school times!
The Flying Carpet Group members are: Faisal Al-Kadi (IMBA06), Pinar Kavukcuoglu (IMBA05), Hanan Saeed, Shefali Jhangiani (IMBA06), Lynn Tabbara (IMBA05), and Reema Batal (IMBA05).


Club DAS

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Club DAS ist das Studenten & Alumni-Netzwerk für den deutschsprachigen Raum. Der Club DAS soll eine offene Plattform sein, die es ermöglicht die verschiedensten Aktivitäten zu entwickeln, auch mit dem Ziel den Stellenwert des deutschsprachigen Wirtschaftsraumes im Studenten & Alumni Netzwerk des IE zu erhöhen, vor allem aber, daß alle noch mehr von der Zeit in Madrid profitieren (Fun & Business).
Dieses Netzwerk soll für alle aktuellen und ehemaligen Studenten des IE zugänglich gemacht werden, die entweder die deutsche (D), österreichische (A) oder schweizer (S) Staatsbürgerschaft haben, die in einem dieser 3 Länder arbeiten oder Kontakte in diese Länder aufbauen möchten.
Um allen Interessenten die Teilnahme an diesem Club zu ermöglichen, werden alle Informationen sowohl auf deutsch als auch auf englisch bereitgestellt.
Der Club DAS trifft sich jeden dritten Donnerstag eines Monats (Third Thursday) um 20:30 im Barril y Botella. Alles weitere erfahrt Ihr unter


L´AFIE (Alliance Francophone de L´Instituto de Empresa) a pour ambition de rassembler tous les nouveaux ou anciens élèves francophones de l´Instituto de Empresa.
Si vous êtes originaire d´un pays francophone ou plus simplement si vous parlez le français, venez donc nous rejoindre! L´AFIE organise chaque mois des rencontres informelles au cours desquelles vous pourrez établir de nouveaux contacts avec des professionnels d´horizons, de promotions et de masters différents.
Ces rencontres sont aussi l´occasion de nouer de nouvelles amitiés, de pratiquer votre français ou tout simplement de trouver de nouveaux partenaires pour une partie de pétanque!
Nous nous réunissons tous les premiers jeudis du mois à 20h00.
Pour en savoir plus ou recevoir votre future invitation il vous suffit de nous envoyer un mail à
À bientôt!


partners’ club

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partners’ club
El objetivo principal de este club es ayudar a los/as acompañantes y niños de los estudiantes de IE a integrarse tanto como sea posible a la vida y las actividades de la universidad y de Madrid.
The main aim of this club is to help the partners and children of IE students integrate as fully as possible into life at the school and in Madrid.
El club se reúne generalmente cada segunda semana para incorporar una actividad cultural, aprender nuevas habilidades de los/as diferentes participantes, apreciar las delicias culinarias que Madrid tiene para ofrecer, o simplemente para tomar un café y conversar. Aprendemos de cada una los éxitos y conocimientos que tienen sobre Madrid, España y el mundo, y le damos la bienvenida a todo el que quiera hacer parte de nuestra experiencia.
The club usually meets every other week to engage in a cultural activity, learn new skills from our fellow partners, appreciate the culinary delights that Madrid has to offer, or just to have a coffee and chat. We learn from each other’s successes and knowledge of Madrid, Spain and the world, and welcome everyone to be a part of our experience.
Los niños están invitados a participar en todas las actividades. Si ambos padres quisieran participar en un evento que sea más apto para adultos, IE puede también ayudar a conseguir una niñera.
Children are invited to participate in all activities. If both parents would like to participate in an event that more caters to adults, IE can help hire a child-minder as well.

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