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Basketball Club Fundraiser, 29th of October

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IE TANGO Club- 1st Activity

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The Tango club is happy to announce the first activity of the IE Tango Club for 2008! First, let’s take a look at our program for this year:
* Saturday, 19th of January we are going to start with an intensive tango workshop for total beginners (see the announcement below). If you’ve ever wanted to learn to tango, this is your opportunity!
* For those of you who want to learn more after the workshop has ended, there will be weekly classes starting in February. (Classes for all other levels will be offered as well.)
* Although we’ll normally be dancing at different tango spots (milongas) in Madrid, in March and May we are going to organize tango trips to Italy and Portugal, in order to dance in different atmospheres. Also, in July we’ll attend the Sitges Tango Festival.

Intensive TANGO Workshop / Saturday – 19th of JANUARY

Introduction to Argentine Tango: basic elements, parallel steps, balance exercises
Positions, exit (la salida), cross
Change of direction exercises and alternative step

Instructor: Burak Koyuncu (
Place: Centro El Horno (sala 7) – C/ Esgrima, 11 (Metro: Tirso de Molina).
Price: 25 Euros
Reservation: / 647 12 91 54 (Burak)

Por favor, pincha en «more» para ver esta información en español….

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Activities of IE -TANGO CLUB for this year!!!

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Dear all,

 I am glad to announce you the activities of IE-TANGO CLUB for this year!!!

 ·   Intensive Tango Workshops: These workshops will be planned to learn as much as possible in a short-time period and they will include three types of the dance: Tango, Milonga and Tango-Vals. Here are the details of the first intensive workshop:


Intensive TANGO Workshop-1 / Saturday – 11th of October


 16:00-17:00 Introduction to Argentine Tango: basic elements, parallel steps, balance exercises 

17:00-18:00  Positions, exit, cross 

18:00-19:00  Change of direction, alternative step

Instructor: Burak Koyuncu (

Place: Centro El Horno (sala 11) – C/ Esgrima, 11 (Metro: Tirso de Molina).

Price: 25 Euros 

Reservation: / 647 12 91 54 (Burak)

      Milonga Nights: «Milonga» is the name of both a kind of dance music and the event/place where people dance tango during the night. They are usually organized in bars, pubs, hotels, restaurants and also in some open air locals. Most of the people who come to a milonga try to dance with as many people as possible even though they don’t know each other. They generally dance at least 3-4 songs with each partner and they use the time between songs to chat and know the partner. In Madrid, there are more than 15 milonga nights each week. So, we’ll visit different milongas each time. (Starting from saturday-11th of October, we will go to a milonga each week in a different place and day).


·     Surprise «IE-Tango Club» shows: Before the summer holiday, we plan to perform in some special IE events, like we did last year in Global Village event! Performers will be the people joining to the classes during the year.   


·     SITGES TANGO FESTIVAL-July 2009:  Tango and the beach!!! One of the most famous tango festivals in Europe. Sitges is a small town near Barcelona where they organize this wonderful festival every summer.  It will be a nice opportunity for us to travel, dance and enjoy the summer!

 We expect to see you in our first activity on october 11th!  If you want to be informed more about our activities, please send an email to: .

Terminal Value Poster Flat.GIF

 Dear Colleagues,


The IE Music Club is proud to present The Terminal Values, the latest and expanded group of student musicians. We have discovered further seams of musical talent at IE and are pleased to present our first concert with the new line-up and a new list of your favourite songs, including the hit of the season ‘Seven Section Army’.




Friday 16th October (after exams, before the break)


Soul Station bar: Cuesta de Santo Domingo 22

Metro: Santo Domingo

Tel.: 915-414-744

Entrance: €5



Come along and celebrate the end of another




Come watch IE, INSEAD, LBS and IESE play over the weekend, and for just €15 you can come join the party with 240 students from visiting schools (INSEAD, LBS, and IESE), and take advantage of the special deals!!!

Friday 21h30 – 02h00: Closed Party @ Mariachita (Free entrance, drinks at €5)- @ General Martinez Campos 11- Bus 16 in front of I.E OR Metrop Stops Ruben Dario (Green Line 5) or Iglesias (Light Blue Line 1)

Friday 02h00 – 06h00: Party @ Fortuny (Free entrance before 02h00)  @ Calle Fortuny 34- Bus 16 in front of I.E OR Metrop Stops Ruben Dario (Green Line 5) 



Saturday 22h30 – 03h00: Party @ OUI Madrid (Free entrance until 00h00, drinks at €6)

Please Note:

Dress code for events is dress to impress, smart casual. It means, no t-shirts, no sneakers or flip flops, or shorts.

Be reminded that Fortuny and OUI Madrid are strict about the way we dress plus we are representing one of the top business school in the world!. 

Let’s leave a good impression!


Please purchase the tickets at the Student Office or with any of the students part of the I.E Football Team!!!


We hope to see you there!


IE Music Club Fundraiser, 1st of October

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Musiclub-Musiclub FunRaiser.jpg



Thursday 1st October at 15.00 on Serrano 99 terrace.



Come and help the IE Music Club! Bring friends, family and groupies!

We are going to have fuuun!!


2 Pizzas + 1 drink —-  5 euro

1 drink  ——  1 euro

Music ——  for FREE



Salsa Nightout, Wednesday 30th

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Shabay Salsa.jpg

Sunday Salsa, 27th of September

Escrito el 24 septiembre 2009 por Alumni en Affinity

Sunday Salsa.jpg

The 3rd Gourmet Club Wine Tasting: Rioja Passion!

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Cata Bodegas Bretón Rioja 002.jpg
The Gourmet Club organized on June 4th the third wine tasting in collaboration with Grupo Peñin and Bodegas Bretón. The tasting was dedicated to Rioja wine discovery and was driven by José Mª Ryan, Bodegas Bretón resident oenologist.  

Cata Bodegas Bretón Rioja 024.jpg

Bodegas Bretón

Founded in 1983 by local businessmen led by the Bretón Cata Bodegas Bretón Rioja 058.jpgfamily, its modern facilities can now be visited in Navarrete, where the «Loriñón» range is produced, alongside the top reds that gave the winery its good name, especially Dominio de Conté. The firm has a hundred hectares of its own vines located in Rioja Alta and currently manages 4 wine brands: Alba de Bretón, Pagos del Camino, Dominio de Conté and Loriñón.


Cata Bodegas Bretón Rioja 006.jpgCata Bodegas Bretón Rioja 031.jpgWith an average vine age well over 25 years and strict control of yields and harvesting, Bretón maintains a high level of structure and fruit intensity within a traditional style reference.

The following wines were tasted:


1.- LORIÑÓN BLANCO FB 2007Cata Bodegas Bretón Rioja 011.jpg

2.- L5 DE LORIÑÓN 2005





Thanks to José Ryan’s explanations, the participants from 8 different nationalities had the opportunity to discover the differences between these wines of different maturity stages as well as from different terroirs and grape species. In addition, during the two hours, they were able to acquire the wine tasting techniques and were able to enjoy further more these magnificent wines. 

The Gourmet Club would like to thank Grupo Peñin, Bodegas Bretón and José Ryan to make this great event happen.


Salsa workshops, 6th of June

Escrito el 4 junio 2009 por Alumni en Affinity, Others

The IE Salsa Club, once again, proudly presents two new workshops:-


Saturday, 6th June, 4-6pm


Escuela de Baile Nacho


C/ Santa Isabel 9, Madrid, 28012<Metro> Anton Martin

Register Here Now

Workshop 1:  Intermediate «en linea»

Workshop 2:  Rueda Casino

We are moving it up a gear this time, so come and see how you manage!

We have chosen to get an instructor to give us a few pointers in «en linea».  This is a bit different to what you may be familiar with if you are from Latin America (except Puerto Rico) or are used to «Cuban-style».  It is the style that we find most danced here in Madrid and it will give you a chance to try something different.

The second workshop is in «Rueda Casino».  This a really fun form of salsa that is danced in a big group, where everyone dances the same steps, as called by the leader, and where everyone gets to change partners in time with the music.  It looks great!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!

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