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Rioja Wine Tasting, Thursday 4th of June

Escrito el 1 junio 2009 por Alumni en Affinity


Dear Gourmets and Wine Lovers,


After the Beaujolais Nouveau in November, famous Portuguese wines in April, the Wine Trip to Ribera del Duero this week end, here comes Rioja’s time! 


When? – Thursday June 4 from 17h45 to 20h00

Where? – Serrano 105

Price? – 10 EUR


The tasting will be driven by José Mª Ryan, Bodegas Bretón resident oenologist.


Tickets will be sold on Wednesday 3rd of June at:


Serrano 99’s terrace at 15h00, by Joseph Freiha

Pinar near coffee machines at 15h00, by Daniel Iglesias

Castellon de la Plana room CP208 starting 12h00 by Estvam Bandeira




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(*Spanish version below)

IE Gourmet Club invites you to hear the Designation of Origin (DO) «Ribera del Duero.» The lands which are grouped under this D.O. are in the north and plateau at the junction of four provinces of Castilla y Leon: Burgos, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid. The Duero River is the hub that unites more than 100 villages spread over a strip of vineyard of about 115 km long and 35 wide (, and its capital, Peñafiel Village (


Date: Saturday May 30:

9:00 – 11:30 à Travel Madrid – Peñafiel (Salida desde C/Serrano 99).

11:30 – 13:30 à Visit winerie «Abadía Retuerta» (

13:30 – 16:00 àLunch: Rte. «Fuente de la Aceña» (, (ver menú).

16:00 – 18:00 à Visit Wine Museum & Peñafiel Castle (

18:00 – 20:00 àVisit winerie «Protos» (

20:00 – 22:00 àTravel Peñafiel – Madrid (Regreso a C/Serrano 99).

 Price: 75 €. Includes:

-Bus travel to all points.


-Travel insurance.

Check-in: wineries with tasting comment at the end of the visit, the Wine Museum and Peñafiel Castle.


-Place: Student Office.

-Payment Form: Cash in the place of registration, (exact amount)

-Deadline: Thursday May 29, 15:00.

-Note: Mark menu choice at the time of registration.


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Portuguese Wine Tasting with IE Gourmet Club

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After the Beaujolais Nouveau event, IE Gourmet Club organized in April a Portuguese wine tasting driven by a professional wine taster, Marcos Vieira, resident oenolgist of the Herdade do Gamito winery. This event gave the opportunity to students and wine amateurs to learn or improve their wine tasting techniques and enjoy even more these famous wines.

Portuguese Winetasting 001 (22).jpg

Portuguese Winetasting 001 (13).jpg
Portuguese Winetasting 001 (17).jpg
The session started by a presentation made by Francisco Dias Costa, General Manager of Casa de Vila Verde, on the winery and the business model in wine industry. Marcos Vieira explained than the wine production process, wine tradition and «terroir» in Portugal as well as the wine tasting technique.

Portuguese Winetasting 001 (14).jpg
During this session, five wines were tasted, among which two types of «green» wines and Orpheu, the sparkling wine from Casa Vila Verde, and two award winners red wines from Herdade do Gamito.

Portuguese Winetasting 001 (45).jpg

The tasting session ended with the tasting of homemade chocolate truffles which marvelously accompanied the wines.


The next wine tasting will take place in June and will make discover one of the most famous wine regions in Spain.


To find more about the wines tasted, please check out the following websites. 

Portuguese Winetasting 001 (3).jpg
Portuguese Winetasting 001 (50).jpg
Portuguese Winetasting 001 (25).jpg


Ever wanted to go see a Real Madrid game at the Bernabeu? Well now is your chance. The IE Football Club is having an online auction for 2 tickets for the Real Vs Mallorca game this Sunday 24th May at 19h00. Read on for instructions and happy bidding! 




1) The auction starts at €30
2) The minimum bid increment is €5 
3) Be responsible! Make sure you are committed before you bid!
4) When you bid, remember to include: NAME – EMAIL – € (personal bid)
5) The highest bid on Thursday May 21st at 23:00, WINS!
6) The winner gets 2 tickets to see the match Real Madrid – Mallorca (each valued at approximately €80)
7) The match is scheduled to take place on Sunday 24th May at 19h00 at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Ready? Set? Bid!


The IE Tango Club has been slow to get going this year.  We were unfortunate to lose our very own professor in Burak due to his recent sojourn in the US.  In the meantime, we have been pursuing classes with his partner, Carmen.  Due to the poor attendance at the last workshop it has not been possible to organise more classes specifically for IE students, however the die-hards have remained true to the cause.

Now there is a new opportunity and the IE Tango Club would like to invite all of you have come previously, plus all of the new students that are interested in learning this exciting and senual dance.


IE Rugby Club: Pizza&Beer Gathering, April 23rd

Escrito el 20 abril 2009 por Alumni en Affinity

Rugby gathering.JPG

cricket team.jpg

The Spring Fling 2009 tournament, where business meets sports, was a chance or rather an excuse for the members of the IE Community to regroup, network and enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona after weeks of tight classes and deliverables. With lots of sports activities and networking events, teams where getting in shape after weeks of slogging with the case studies and project in the School. One among them was the IE Cricket Team. With no club activity in place the members gathered, and organized not one but two teams to participate in this sporting event. The IE Cricket Team prior to the tournament practiced with the Madrid Cricket Club (MCC), affiliated to International Cricket Council, and held a practice match which consisted of professional players and local trainers coming from different parts of the world – England, Australia, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka. The IE Cricket team’s motto was clear – It was all about people, so the team had members from India, Brazil, England, South Africa and Spain. Come 28th of March and we were in rainy Barcelona. The tournament kicked off with 6 teams participating in this team event: 2 from IESE Business School, 2 from IE Business School, 1 from INSEAD Business School, and 1 from ESADE Business School. It was drizzling throughout as we started preparing for our opening game and this discouraged some of the members of the participating schools including IE Cricket team to some extent. The fact that Cricket and rain don’t get with each other as they do in Rugby/ Football put us in two minds whether to go ahead with the play. It was a wonderful atmosphere and despite the bad weather all the teams agreed to play and enjoy the atmosphere – there was no looking back. With slight drizzle around the park the umpires finally decided to start the play. We started off our opening game with ESADE. Some superb team work and collective batting and fielding helped us chase the scores, but in vain. The team lost marginally with just 5-6 runs to win in the end in a high scoring match. A similar situation for team 2 who was playing against INSEAD. Later team 1 went onto play against IESE – a do or die game, and yet again we managed to hardly disturb their batting line up. Regardless, the team held their heads high and went along to party with other members after the tournament. Barbeque, drinks, people. A wonderful networking event for most of us and each one of us was eagerly looking forward for. And that’s when we thought – Match on!! For IE Cricket Team – It was all about people…  


Fantastic efforts from first time cricket players Claudia Lafee (MISM 2009), Luciana B. (IMBA 2009) and Carlos Mesquita (IMBA 2009). And special thanks to our supporters and photographers for cheering us!! – Carla Procopio (Partners 2009), Megha Singhi (Partners 2009) and Shalakha Kamerkar (IMBA 2007)


Participating Cricket Players – IMBA 2009 (alphabetically): Anand Rao, Anuj Maheshwari, Anurag Singhi, Carlos Mesquita, Claudia Lafee (MISM 2009), Diwan Singh, Gajesh Jain, Luciana B., Rakesh Sharma, Satyendra Pasari, Sidharth Shakdher, Venu Kannan, Vikas Jain.


IE Music Club: Karaoke Night

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After an amazing night
of singing and dancing till the early morning,
the IE Music Club would like
to share some of the pictures of that wild night with you!
Click HERE to see them!

(Check the slide-show option)
Thank you!!

Running dinner.JPG

Dear Gourmets,

The Gourmet Club invites you to participate in IE’s first Running Dinner! Please read the attached PDF document(Dinner.pdf) to find out all the details – and then sign up until April 12th!

Send your e-mails to and add «Running Dinner» to the subject line. For any questions feel free to contact Joseph Freiha, Dennis Kasten and Andre Franciss.


Gourmet Club: Wine tasting, April 1st

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Dear Gourmets,


The first Gourmet Club 2009 wine tasting will take place on April 1st at 17h30, at S-105 during which we will discover Portuguese wine (thanks to Joana and Esty!).

This tasting will be drived by a professional wine taster, resident oenolgist of the Herdade do Gamito and will give us the opportunity to learn the wine tasting techniques and enjoy even more these wines:

Brands 1: Casa de Vila Verde

Type: White

Region: Vinhos Verdes, Sousa River valley
Located in the demarcated region of Vinhos Verdes, in the heart of the Sousa River valley, Casa de Vila Verde is one of the oldest houses in the region.

Always property of the same family, Pinto de Mesquita, Casa de Vila Verde construction date is unknown, though the 12th or 13th century has been suggested as a likely period due to the existence of a medieval tower. Casa de Vila Verde was already mentioned during the reign of King Manuel I (1469-1521).

Brands 2: «Herdade do Gamito» and «Terras do Crato»

Type: Red

Region: Alentejo

Herdade do Gamito is a country estate located in Northwestern Alentejo. It is situated about 3 kilometers from the legendary Monastery of Flor da Rosa, in the county of Crato, former headquarters of the ancient Knights of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Portugal. The wine project of Herdade do Gamito was born from the surprising results of a tiny half-hectare vineyard that inspired its owner to expand it into its present 24 hectares and investing in a project of quality, resulting in award winning wines.

The ticket price for this event is 10 EUR, and places are limited to 35.

You can buy tickets at Thursday 26 between 12h-13h30 from:

Joana Dias Costa at Pinar

Estevam Sa da Bandeira at Castellón de la Plana

Joseph Freiha at Serrano 99

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