Look what’s coming ahead: Change your username and password – Sync with LinkedIn – Explore the Alumni Directory

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On behalf of the IE Alumni Office we would like to bring you good news. After few months of work we are proud to present the new projects that we have developed for the IE Alumni. This might sound familiar to those that attended the IE Alumni Forum in November 2013:


Start seizing the possibilities!


Alumni Directory: the new way to connect with your classmates

The Alumni Directory replaces the Networking tab in the IE Communities, the platform that served its purpose of connecting alumni for more than 10 years. On the Alumni Directory you’ll find new improved ways to:

  • Search alumni using basic and advanced search features, and being able to save your searches.
  • See the list of your Classmates.
  • Check your IE email through a quick-link on the top.

Go to the Alumni Office page and log in using your IE username and password. If you can’t remember them, click on the link and you’ll receive them in your email.



After receiving your credentials, you can go to the next step, that is:


Change your IE username and password

Using the IE alumni services, including the Alumni Agenda and the IE Career Portal, will be much easier now that creating a customized username and password is possible. You will finally be able to remember a username that looks more like your name and a password that is easier to remember.

How to proceed:  

Enter the Alumni Directory on the Alumni web using your IE username and password. Once inside and after having accepted the legal clauses, click on “change username and password” and you will be directed where you can change your username (you can only do it once) and password, that can be changed as many time as needed.  Take into account that changes on your username, password and personal data will be visible on the IE Career Portal and IE Campus Online within 24 hours.



Update your IE profile

Having your data up to date allow us to learn about the topics and regions of your interest, so we can send you invitations to events of your interest and the monthly Alumni Newsletter crafted for your region.

To update your profile we give you two options, one through the new Alumni Directory and another option through synchronizing your profile with your LinkedIn account.

Update your data through the Alumni Directory…

Log in to the Alumni Directory with your IE username and password. Once logged in and after having accepted the legal clauses, you’ll see your profile. On this page you can update your personal, professional and academic details, as well as your interests which are saved automatically. You will also find a button to renew your membership to the IE Alumni Association.

Remember to check the fields you want to share about yourself with the community. You will only see the same fields that you are willing to share with the rest of active alumni on the Directory. To take full advantage of your networking opportunities, we recommend sharing your email address, professional experience and interests with the rest of the Community.

…or Synchronize your IE profile with LinkedIn

Another way to keep your IE profile up to date is to synchronize it with your LinkedIn profile. Access the Alumni Directory using the button “Sign in with LinkedIn”. Enter your LinkedIn username and password, and on the following screen you have to insert your IE username and password (remember to have them on hand). From this moment, your LinkedIn profile is synchronized with your IE data so any changes you make to your LinkedIn profile are automatically recorded.

An active worldwide community awaits for you.

Be part of it!