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Paul Murphy is SVP at Betaworks in New York. Betaworks builds and invests in industry-changing businesses that include Digg, bitly, Tumblr, Kickstarter, and Summize. Paul is a co-founder or operating partner for betaworks companies Dots, Giphy,,, Poncho, Telecast and Bloglovin. Prior to betaworks, he was COO of Aviary and was previously chief of staff for Microsoft’s Office division. He studied computer engineering at Virginia Tech and received an MBA at IE Business School.

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Paul Murphy es SVP en Betaworks en Nueva York. Betaworks construye e invierte en negocios que cambian industrias, entre las cuales se encuentran Digg, bitly, Tumblr, Kickstarter, y Summize. Paul es co-fundador en las compañías de betaworks Dots, Giphy,,, Poncho, Telecast and Bloglovin. Antes de betaworks fue COO de Aviary y jefe de personal en la división corporativa de Microsoft Office. Estudió ingeniería informática en Virginia Tech y además es antiguo alumno del IE.

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