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IE Alumni in Canada – Summer gathering

Escrito el 1 septiembre 2013 por Alumni en Business Networking, Geographic

A cheerful group of approximately 40 IE alumni gathered at the beginning of the month for a networking event at the Beverly Hotel rooftop, downtown Toronto. The mood of the IE alumni from different programs and intakes that evening was as warm as the unusual high temperatures for the season in the city.

Over the past couple of years, the interest of Canadian nationals and residents to pursue a program at IE has been growing fast. The mix of top-notch education, diversity and a sunny studying environment that IE offers  is the perfect combination for young and experience professionals.  As many of them are immigrants themselves or second generation of immigrants they are keen on studying abroad and Spain is an attractive destination for many of them. 

Canada and its open immigration policies for decades now – targeting to attract high-skilled professionals – has  also been an important market for IE Alumni looking for challenging and well-paid jobs. «I have been working and living here in Toronto for several of years and I couldn’t have been happier», says Ana Perez, an IMBA Graduate, who is now working at Celestica.

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