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The Embassy of the United States of America and ieOut had the privilege to organize an event focused in best inclusion practices for LGBTIQ Diversity. Professor Timothy V. Kane gave us his inspiring and committed insights about the topic. He made a very participative conversation in which he focused in three main targets to create a safe place to work… or to study.

Advancing LGBTIQ Diversity & Inclusion

The conversation covered social norms, policies, procedures, laws and funding. In which we discussed about sometimes very easy to implement and even inexpensive measures like controlling communications: words and images in internal and external messages; affinity groups (like ieOut); or neutral bathrooms, still an issue in Spain but not outside our borders:


Beyond binaries

The world is not any more black or white, man or woman, gay or straight, diversity is diverse, over the all regarding sexual and gender identities:
He explained to the audience the differences between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual behavior and sexual orientation. If you think it is complex, imagine the three variable combinations of each of them!

Giving voice to all values

Later on in the conference, we discussed about the challenges and rewards of going out of the closet and the power of allies.
We played a game in which we had to choose the more powerful LGBTIQ ally from:
• President Obama
• Sasha and Malia Obama
• Madonna
• You

Watch this video before making your guess! The answer from minute 4:10


Professor Kane also left us very powerful resources:
www.givingvoicetoallvaluesthebook.com (Book by Mary Gentile)


For more pics visit our Flickr page.




The 7th edition of IE LGBT@WORK annual forum

Escrito el 7 febrero 2014 por Alumni en Functional Area

LGBT WORK 129The 7th edition of LGBT@WORK annual forum took place in November and was organized by the IEOut Club, IE gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual network that aims to promote and spread respectful attitudes towards the LGBT community and to foster the best practices to integrate them in academia and the work place.

Last year the main topic was Careers: we talked about the right process of job hunting, the importance of finding our own passions and we have also discussed how the LGBT community tends to be stereotyped on with gay men and ignored niche of lesbian women.



This year we have discussed the diversity practices at some of the world’s leading companies, including IBM and Barclays. We were honoured to have Sakis Louloudis from IBM, who talked about different diversity communities within IBM and how important diversity is for a successful global organisation. We were also privileged to have Beatriz Morilla from Barclays, who talked about how to tackle challenges at both home and work for being a successful businesswoman. Other speakers were Margarita Alonso, researcher at IE Diversity Center and author of “Best inclusion practices: LGBT diversity”, and Juan Pedro Tudela from Diversity Consulting.

On the last note we would like to thank our sponsor IBM. Without their constant support this special event wouldn’t’t be so successful!


LGBT@WORK, 5th Anniversary

Escrito el 2 diciembre 2011 por Alumni en Clubs & Activities, Functional Area

Santiago Iñiguez welcomed the attendees and the almost 100 followers online. “Diversity at IE is not only a question of passports and percentage of women among our student body or faculty. We believe that diversity, entrepreneurial spirit or innovation are key for the learning process of all future leaders who study at IE”.

 “The only thing we have done is to bet for talent “ Rafael Monje, IBM.

“We are now almost 200 members and thanks to ieOut IE holds the seal of “safe place to work and to study at”, Shirley Kleinman, ieOut president.


Santiago Iñiguez da la bienvenida a los asistentes y a los casi cien internautas que nos siguen a través de la red. “La Diversidad en el IE no es sólo el número de pasaportes o el porcentaje de mujeres entre nuestros alumnos y staff. Nosotros creemos que como el emprendimiento o la innovación es una parte importantísima del proceso de  aprendizaje de los futuros líderes que se forman en el IE”

“Lo único que hemos hecho ha sido apostar por el talento”, Rafael Monje, IBM.

“Ahora somos casi doscientos miembros en la red y gracias a ieOut el IE es un “safe place to work”, Shirley Kleinman, presidenta de ieOut.

 Proud to be as we are

In 2010 Fiat along with the marketing agency comunica+A launched an original action in Madrid Gay Pride. “We did it to be consistent with our message, the 500 is for everybody”. It is so versatile that can be personalized in more than one million different cars.  And it is indeed flexible, as it has starred in many other campaigns for women   with Gucci and Jennifer Lopez, Catholic youth. It is a product for children like “ride on”, a car with pedals, launched with Imaginarium or a toy for girls like the Barbie 500.

“We had great results. We were in the front page of several newspapers and online media. The 500 opened the five most viewed TV news broadcasts. 3 million visitors saw our cars in the street and it became one of the most popular pictures in Madrid Pride, the most important Pride parade in the world.”

Orgullosos de ser cómo somos

Fiat junto con la agencia de marketing comunica +A lanzó una original acción en el Gay Pride de Madrid “ Lo hicimos por coherencia con el mensaje de nuestra marca, el 500 es para todos” Es tan versátil que se puede personalizar en más de un millón de coches distintos. Y sí que es flexible porque el 500 ha protagonizado campañas muy distintas dirigidas a las mujeres, como la que protagonizan Jennifer López y su versión Gucci, ha realizado acciones dirigidas a jóvenes católicos en las Jornadas de la Juventud, es un producto para niños y niñas, como el “ride on” creado con Imaginarium, o la versión diseñada para la muñeca Barbie.

Tuvimos resultados excelentes, “fuimos portada de varios periódicos y prensa online, abrimos los telediarios en las cinco cadenas más vistas y la foto de nuestros coches fue la postal más popular del Gay Pride, más famoso del mundo con tres millones de asistentes.

Click the photo to see the video / haz click para ver el video

Proud to be as we are

 Tourism & LGBT

There are several reasons why LGBT are getting an important target for this industry.

* They are 6% of the population.

* Although this trend will drop because of progressive acceptance of marriage and adoption,  many of them are single or DINK (Double income no kids) families, which means:

    – They devote higher percentage of their income to themselves: they are stronger consumers of leisure, fashion, culture etc.

    – They are not subject to school vacation to enjoy their holidays, so they are a target that can reduce seasonality.

    – They have more time available for themselves and therefore they travel more.

*They look for “safe” destinations, which mean: security reasons, the guarantee that they will not be physically or verbally attacked, or looked at disapprovingly. Safe place also means that they will find an offer adjusted to their needs.

*Spain is the most important destiny in Europe with Gran Canaria, Sitges and Ibiza on top of the ranking.

Turismo LGBT

Hay diferentes motivos por los que el público LGBT se está convirtiendo en un target importante para esta industria.

  • Son el 6% del total de la población.
  • Aunque esta tendencia se mitigará  con el tiempo, con la progresiva aceptación del matrimonio y la adopción, muchos de ellos son solteros o familias DINK (Doble ingreso sin hijos, Double income no kids), lo que significa:

                   – Dedican un porcentaje mayor de sus ingresos a sí mismos, con un gasto mayor en ocio, cultura o moda.

                   – No están sujetos a los parones escolares para disfrutar de sus vacaciones,  por lo que son un target muy deseado para mitigar la temporalidad de este sector.

                   – Tienen más tiempo para sí mismos y por lo tanto viajan más.

  • Buscan destinos “safe”,  concepto que alude, no sólo a la seguridad de no ser atacado física o verbalmente, o simplemente denostado con la mirada, sino también al hecho de recibir verdaderamente la oferta específica que ellos necesitan.
  • España es el destino europeo más importante, con Gran Canaria, Sitges e Ibiza a la cabeza.

 But when approaching this niche there are urgent issues to address and certain stereotypes to overcome: 

  • They are a very diverse group by themselves, with very different tastes and needs and very different levels of purchasing power. All of them demand “safe” products but not always exclusive LGBT products.
  • It is important to change the pejorative perception of the “pink money” concept as a protest argument or proselytism. Pink money just means business opportunity.
  • Avoid tokenism: to address this group means much more than adding a rainbow flag in our communication or at the door of my hotel. Providers must understand the reality of their public, invest money in educating their staff and be able to provide what they have sold.
  • It is crucial to develop specific campaigns for diverse groups in the whole LGBT community, to exploit specific communication channels and to provide an updated offer.

Pero a la hora de abordar este nicho hay una serie de temas a tener en cuenta y algunos estereotipos que superar:

  • Son un grupo muy diversos en sí mismos, con gustos muy diferenciados y necesidades variadas, así como niveles de ingresos muy dispares.  Todos ellos demandan  productos “safe”,  pero no siempre buscan una oferta específicamente LGBT.
  • Es importante desterrar la percepción  del concepto “ pink Money “ como un argumento reivindicativo o proselitista. “Pink money” significa una nueva oportunidad de negocio.
  • Hay que evitar el tokenismo. Abordar este grupo significa mucho más que añadir una bandera multicolor en nuestra comunicación o en la puerta de nuestros locales. Los proveedores de servicios deben entender la realidad de este nuevo público, invertir dinero en formar a sus staffs  y estar seguros de poder proveer el servicio que han vendido.
  • Es crucial desarrollar campañas específicas para cada uno de los grupos de la comunidad LGBT, explotar los canales específicos y proveer de una oferta completa y actualizada.

Understanding the LGBT generation and workforce

The first evidence obtained by the research of Q-factor is the difficulty to provide empirical data with relevant samples of LGBT populations that can provide unbiased conclusions, but it is difficult to reach this segment. Most part of studies only provide trends, but nevertheless are useful to open discussion and to start moving.

In the study done about the Danish workplace focused on Y Generation and LGBT some interesting  conclusions are:

  • * 51% of young workers between 20 and 29 year old value work environment as an important factor, whereas only 27% mention this topic in the age range of 29 and over.
  • * LGBT inclusive workplace is relevant for 13% of workers below 29 years old and only 5% value it over this age.
  • * A 33% of LGBT young workers below 29 years old are in the closet at workplace; 20% over 29 years old.
  • When there is a senior LGBT out of the closet, this data drops to the tens. It is important to create safe places to work!

Entendiendo la generación LGBT Y

La primera evidencia vertida por los estudios realizados por Q-factor es la dificultad para proveer datos empíricos con muestras relevantes de población LGBT que permitan concluir afirmaciones sin sesgos. Pero se trata de un segmento al que es muy difícil llegar. La mayor parte de estudios realizados sólo proveen tendencias, que en definitiva son muy útiles para abrir el debate y comenzar a moverse.

En el estudio realizado sobre ambiente laboral para la generación Y LGBT algunas conclusiones interesantes son:

  • El 51% de los profesionales de entre 20 y 29 años valoran el entorno laboral como una cuestión importante frente al 27% cuando se trata del segmento de 29 en adelante.
  • Un entorno inclusivo para los LGBT es relevante para el 13% de los encuestados por debajo de los 29 años y solo un 5% lo valoran por encima de esta edad.
  • Los más jóvenes permanecen en el armario en un 33% mientras que a partir de los 29 sólo se quedan dentro en un 20%
  • Cuando hay un senior LGBT fuera del armario, un referente, estas cifras pasan a la decena.  Es importante crear entornos “safe” en el trabajo.

 Spectrum at Barclays

 “A conscious commitment to LGBT as one of the diversity strands, is what makes us who we are as a company, attracts talented people to come and work for us, and ultimately drives the value of our brand and organization for all of our stakeholders.”

Julian´s personal testimony was a vivid example about how a proper implementation of LGBT inclusion policies in business is an opportunity to improve quantifiable results in terms of talent management.

But even despite of what Spectrum Barclays has done, there is still lot to do. There are business areas and industries as well as countries where going out of the closet has a professional cost. And there are still many marketing and product placement opportunities.

Un compromiso explicito con LGBT  como uno de las dimensiones de la diversidad, es lo que nos hace lo que somos como empresa, atrae a la gente con talento a trabajar con nosotros y es uno de los baluartes de nuestra marca para todos nuestros stakeholders.

El testimonio personal de Julian fue el vivo ejemplo de cómo una adecuada implementación de las políticas de inclusión LGBT es una oportunidad de mejorar cuantitativamente los resultados en términos de gestión de talento.

A pesar de lo mucho que se ha conseguido con Spectrum en Barckays, todavía se puede hacer mucho. Hay ciertas áreas de negocio, sectores y países donde salir del armario tiene un coste profesional. Y todavía quedan demasiadas oportunidades de marketing y producto sin explotar.

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